The Wine Whisperer

Robert Louis Stevenson, a man born in a land, Scotland, that leans to whiskey once said Wine is bottled poetry.

Stephen Williams, The CEO and founder of The Antique Wine Company, heard the wonderful whisper of wine too. Mr.Williams, once involved in the staid banking and insurance industries, decided life would be better with wine and yet even more enjoyable selling wine.

Thus The Antique Wine Company was born.

Mr.Williams’ idea has grown and flourished like a good grape. The company, started in London, the United Kingdom, is a fine wine supplier world wide.

The Antique Wine Company goal is to provide even its most discerning clients with the choicest wines in the world. If a rare bottle of wine seems impossible to find, a wine cellar is straining the imagination or a precious bottle has become a personal obsession it is time to call The Antique Wine Company.

Stephen Williams was once referred to as “the Sherlock Holmes” of fine wine for a reason.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes once solved a mysterious case in “The Adventure of the Noble Bachelor” by studying the sipping of very fine wine. Let The Antique Wine Company solve the mystery of finding fine wine.

No matter how rare every bottle is out there, somewhere. The AWC will seek the wine out like Sherlock.

Wine is almost as old as mankind. Life, like wine, should be sipped and enjoyed. It is rare in a world that rushes from crisis to crisis, from strange news story to story, to take the time to truly enjoy fine wine.

The Antique Wine Company wants the world to enjoy wine while enjoying life and enjoy life while enjoying wine. Let them bring the wine, and joy, to you.

Rumi, The Persian poet and wine connoisseur, long ago wrote “There are thousands of wines that can take over our minds. Don’t think all ecstasies are the same!”

Let Stephen Williams, the wine whisperer, and The Antique Wine Company help light the path to a life of fine wine love.

Let wine bring the world together. Let the wine whisperer, The Antique Wine Company, find the fine wine. 

Let them find the fine wine that will take over your mind. Find the AWC on Twitter. 

Make Other Plans: E.L. James Announces Fourth Book

E. L. James has announced that there will be a fourth 50 Shades of Grey book coming out, only from Christian Grey’s point-of-view. The team at informed the crew behind Beneful of this fact just the other day.

There are many reasons why this should upset legitimate lovers or books, smut and movies alike. For starters, 50 Shades began as fan fiction based on the Twilight novels, meaning that not only are these not original characters, but these are fantasy fulfillment characters based on other fantasy fulfillment characters, and they’re written incredibly badly.

Secondly, 50 Shades does not offer a realistic portrayal of healthy S&M or submissive and dominating relationships. While they do exist, sub and dom relationships require communication and negotiation. 50 Shades, on the flip side, offers characters that assume that they know what you want better than you do, which is hardly ever the case. In fact, it’s that mentality that leads to abuse, encouraging abusers to ignore your requests because they think they know better than you do.

Thirdly, this tripe is probably going to end up being opted for a movie, further lining E. L. James’s pockets and killing good taste just a little more. And lastly, Twilight writer Stephanie Meyer had the same idea, proving that James is after her career and has no original ideas of her own.

Don’t watch it. Don’t click. Don’t read it. Throw out your TV and sponsor a good writer today.

A New Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Novel is Forthcoming

For those who felt sad about the announcement there would be no sequel to The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo movie, some positive news has emerged. A new and original novel in the series is being published.

Author Stieg Larsson wrote three books in a planned 10-novel series. He died before the works were published. The three books did see publication and sold well over 5 million copies. A film version of first novel, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, was released in 2011. It earned $233 million worldwide, but was considered a failure due to maintaining a $90 million budget. Originally, it was hoped that a new detective team franchise could be launched based on the movie but these plans are over for now.

The continuation of the book series, however, is going to continue with a new author. David Lagercrantz is the writer who has been hired to produce the new novels in the series. Whether or not these will be a huge hit remains to be seen. Likely, the first book in the series is going to sell but future success is going to be based on whether or not readers have the same affinity for David Lagercrantz’s work as much as they did for Stieg Larsson’s.

As long as the new material maintains the same spirit of the novels, then there is no reason why readers over in the Beneful office won’t embrace the work. Who would want to see the characters of the novels fade away into oblivion?

Successful Entrepreneur Bruce Levenson

The world of business is one that is constantly changing and growing each year and even each week. Anyone who wishes to be successful in this particular field must be aware of the need to have access to highly up to date information in order to make appropriate decisions about where to direct their capital and help their employees meet the needs of their customers in the best possible way. They must also be aware of how to work with various kinds of media in order to help project an ideal image to others Those who are able to help other business officials have access to such information will often find that both businesses can benefit.
One such person is Bruce Levenson. Levenson is a highly successful American entrepreneur, entertainment personality and philanthropist. His work in many varied fields has allowed him to achieve a great deal of success in many areas of business. Mr. Levenson has used his success to help provide others with the same kind of economic opportunity he has enjoyed in life. As a result of his work with the Washington DC based I Have a Dream Foundation, many underprivileged children in the inner city have helped discover their own inner abilities and potential.

Levenson was born in the suburbs of Washington, DC. Here, he honed his skills as an entrepreneur and learned about the rudiments of basic business practices. He left the region in order to attend Washington University in St. Louis. After graduation, he earned a law degree from American University. Upon completion of his law degree. Levenson decided to enter the field of publishing. He worked in many areas of publishing including as a writer for the prestigious Washington Star.

In 1977, he decided to start his own publishing company with Ed Peskowitz. Since then, he and Peskowitz have helped push the United Communication Group to new heights. Their efforts have helped create a flourish company that provides access to vital information about important major industries to companies around the world. His leadership of the company has also led to him to serve on various industry committees and leadership groups. He has long served as a member of the Board of Directors of important industry groups devoted to providing such information such as the Newsletter and Electronic Publishers Association. He has also been involved in other fields of business including team sports management.

News Outlets Stretch GRRM Involvement

Since early a.m. Monday, May 18, after George R.R. Martin gave a response to comments about the final scene from this Sunday’s episode of “Game of Thrones” titled “Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken,” many news outlet and blog writers have stretched the truth in regards to his reaction. Several writers have proclaimed that he outright supported or defended the event that occurred in that episode — specifically, the scene between Ramsay, Sansa and Theon following The White Wedding.

Yet, GRRM’s post doesn’t outright support or defend the scene. While GRRM has provided input about the show in the past, he has made it clear repeatedly to fans and critics that the show and his novels are two separate entities and that the stories unfolding in the show may not match the stories from the books. In fact, the only part he defended in his post is the incredible task that the HBO writers face trying to adapt his lengthy works, and a “cast of characters in the hundreds,” to the small screen.

He noted that many TV show writers don’t stay as true to books as the writers for “Game of Thrones” have to his novels according to Jaime Garcia Dias. He also seemed to imply with the phrase “Sometimes butterflies grow into dragons,” after comparing the growing differences between the show and novels to the butterfly effect, that there will be differences that will diverge in horrible and frightening ways.

Pamper Your Pet with Beneful Dog Food Products

Pet owners today are more conscious of what types of foods they are feeding their dogs. No longer will pet owners simply choose the least expensive brand, opting for a more healthy choice when caring for that small member of the family. Each year, more pet owners are finding out about Beneful pet food products and feeding their dogs a more healthy alternative to regular store brand pet food.
Providing the Perfect Balance
Pet owners who have been using Beneful products are already aware that this line of dog food is made using only healthy ingredients that will fuel their active lifestyle. This line of dog food comes in wet dog food, dry dog food, and a large variety of snacks. More people who are focusing on feeding their pets only healthy products are turning to Beneful to improve and extend the life of their loved ones.

The Benefits of Beneful
The Beneful line recently underwent a complete transformation, focusing on making it fun for the dog. The wholesome ingredients utilized in the dog food encourages the dog to be more active, enjoying each day with their loving family. Your dog will live a happier and healthier life when consuming this brand of dog food because it offers them great nutrition and tastes great. The perfect balance of healthy ingredients ensures your dog will have more energy each day to play indoors or outdoors with the family.

Ingredients in Beneful
The wet food line Beneful produces contains only wholesome ingredients, and is currently available in 20 different delicious varieties, giving your pet many different choices to enjoy. The dog food comes in pork, lamb, chicken, and beef flavors. The texture of the food is bigger hearty chunks down to thinly diced blends. Accents in the food range from green beans, rice, barley, and carrots. Conveniently packaged in smaller 3 ounce cans to larger 10 ounce resealable tubs.

Beneful Dog Treats
In addition to the wet and dry dog food, Beneful produces a large variety of dog snacks too. These oven baked snacks come in a large variety of textures and tastes. Unique flavors like peanut butter, cheese, beef, and bacon, available in shortbread cookies to crispy crackers. The real and wholesome ingredients in these dog snacks are part of a complete and well balanced diet for your pets. Full of omega-rich and natural ingredients, your dog will definitely benefit from eating Beneful products.

Check out their Facebook and Twitter!

Jonathan Veitch Leads Occidental College With Solar Array

Levels of community participation at Occidental College have never been higher than they currently are under the leadership of President Jonathan Veitch. Upon his arrival at Occidental in 2009 Veitch made many friends in the community with his decision to shelve indefinitely a major expansion program to the campus, which could have had a major impact on the nearby community of Eagle Rock. President Veitch has made it clear he will not sacrifice the relationship the college has with nearby communities in a desperate search for higher student numbers and greater levels of profit over a content local community.

One of the best examples of this is the installation of a major solar array on a hillside beside the campus, which was completed with the assistance and help of the local community of Eagle Rock. The one megawatt solar array is positioned at ground level to limit the impact on the environment around the college campus of the array, which is made up of 4,886 panels and will provide power savings totaling an estimated $250,000 per year for Occidental. The inclusion of members of the local community leaders in every aspect of the planning and installation process for the solar array shows the levels to which Veitch is willing to consider the local community in every decision made around the future of the college.

Not only does the installation of the solar array provide evidence of how the local community is included in the planning process for developments at the college, but it also shows the level of responsibility Veitch has called on alumni and faculty members to accept for the future of the college. The process for creating the solar array was instigated by an Occidental physics professor who was also involved in the planning and installation process. The level of community outreach held in high esteem by President Veitch is echoed by a series of discounts being offered to members of the local community for solar panels in the wake of Occidental’s array installation.

Enjoy a Stay at The Dorchester Collection

International travel is often a highly necessary process. Someone may need to travel in order to be able to connect directly with clients. Meeting people in person has all kinds of advantages. Someone who is able to meet with a client directly will be able to judge their feelings directly and pick up on subtle clues that may not be otherwise readily apparent. A person who is able to meet with clients can also do things that help them to bond with clients by providing a sense of shared experiences with them. This can be an ideal to make new business connections and shore up old connections with others. The right kind of business setting can help greatly facilitate this process and make life easier for all those who are involved in any kind of business deal.

The right setting can be a vitally important part of the process. A hotel chain that is devoted to the needs of the business traveler can be the ideal partner for a business person who is staying abroad. Many such places have specific amenities that are designed largely to help make sure that any business trip is as productive as possible for all concerned. One such hotel is the Dorchester Collection. This series of high end properties is owned by a company that is devoted to helping to make sure that any business travel always has all that they need on hand at every time. The hotel can help the savvy business traveler make sure that all planned meetings with clients take place in a setting that is congenial for both parties. This hotel chain is dedicated to the ideal that the business traveler can embrace knowing that they are able to have a hotel where staffers fully understand all of their needs at every turn.

Working with the Dorchester Collection means that the hotel has staffers who are able to provide their guests with all kinds of important amenities that are ideal for them and allow to be able to meet with clients in a setting that is comfortable and elegant at the same time. The hotel’s staffers will be able provide their guests with conference rooms located in the heart of a major city as well as other important amenities such as meals provided by restaurants that are some of the finest anyone can find anywhere in the entire world.

Writer’s Point Doesn’t Hit Home

Michael Brendan Dougherty tries to make an argument about why people should let go of their pop culture entertainment with his opinion article for The Week from yesterday titled “Letting go of pop culture: Why our entertainments ultimately disappoint us,” but his prose rambles. Additionally, he seems to only point out why he temporarily let go of entertainment without really connecting his reasons to why others are disappointed by pop culture entertainment and should give it up as well. Many others side with Jaime Garcia Dias and support the richness of pop culture.

Dougherty claims that the “culture industry” diverted him from living life and learning about himself, while publishing his opinion on a website that focuses heavily on modern culture.

He outlines his dismay of putting other people’s music above creating his own and how doing so disconnects him from giving his daughter meaningful music that will form a connection with her without recognizing that the music of others has influenced his life. Lastly, he seems to be upset that the merchandise from pop culture has not really helped him understand himself or connect with others without acknowledging that if this has been the case than it’s because of his inability to make those connections.

He then admits that he didn’t give up pop culture entirely and complains that it doesn’t feed his soul.

Dougherty appears to be having a midlife crisis and feels that the blame for his crisis rests with dependency on pop culture.

Is A Starship Troopers Reboot Coming to TV?

Starship Troopers is one of those really interesting cult films from the late 1990′s. Director Paul Verhoven of Total Recall and Robocop fame crafted a hyper-violent version of the libertarian-leaning sci-fi novel that fans enjoyed. The trouble was the film was not a box office hit. Sure, the project developed a following of loyal fans. Their numbers were not enough to turn Starship Troopers into a franchise ala The Matrix. (And that was the plan at the time)

Okay, there were some direct-to-video sequels, but they don’t really count.

Starship Troopers is going to get a second chance at big-time success. Now, the series is slated for the small screen. Plans in the development stage are working on the idea of Starship Troopers as a weekly television series. Dan Newlin loved this movie.

That is not set in stone yet. A cinematic reboot is definitely possible. With a new Star Wars, Terminator, and Star Trek movie all coming out within the next 18 months, sci-fi is going to be big at the box office. Renewed interest in the sci-fi genre could lead to a Starship Troopers reboot being a hit. Or, possibly, Starship Troopers may be seen as “lesser” work than the more popular and well known franchises.

Perhaps a weekly television series is the best idea. Preferably, the program will air on a cable channel best suited for promoting and airing such a series.

At least it won’t be direct-to-video.