When Back Surgery Is Needed, Go To Nobilis Health Facilities

I’ve had my fair share of doctor’s appointments with my neurosurgeon every 2 to 3 months for the past year and a half. At every appointment, the doctor would just make sure there were no changes on my part, and she would ask me how I was feeling. My answer would always be the same. Either I would be feeling the same as I did at the last appointment or worse but never any better. She would write the prescription for my Morphine, and I would get it filled. I began to think that this would never end. One day, about three months ago, I was looking online to find ways to relieve at least some of the pain that I was feeling. I had read through many holistic ways that I have already tried, and I read many research papers on the topic as well. Nothing seemed to be clicking with me until I stumbled upon the Nobilis Health website. I was not sure, but something about them just seemed different. They didn’t seem like any healthcare company I had been to in the past or any hospital I had been to either. I figured I would check into them some more. Since I live in Dallas, I called them up to see if I could get an appointment at their Dallas location. They scheduled me for an appointment that was 11 days after I made the original call. I was afraid that this would all be a waste of my time, but why not give it a shot? I went to my appointment with a lot of concerns. I found out lots more about my condition when I spoke to the doctor and how dangerous it could be if it was left untreated. My previous doctor had told me this but never really explained anything to me. I was hooked. I knew that I had to get surgery, and I knew that Nobilis Health Company was the one to do it. While I was still on edge and a bit afraid, being that I didn’t know the history of their company or their doctors, I was willing to put my trust in them. I had the doctor schedule the surgery for me after he had reviewed all of my medical records that he needed. I was scheduled to go in for my surgery about a month after that. Needless to say, the Nobilis surgery went great. It wasn’t long enough after the surgery when I began to see how much of a difference it made in my life. The one thing I do know is that I already sleep better at night. A lot of my pain would come in the late evening before the surgery, making it very difficult to sleep at night. I no longer have that problem. I’m hoping with more time that I will feel even better than I do now. I know that any other surgeries that I need I will be seeing the doctors at Nobilis Health.

Economic Development For The City of Newark

Newark is a city that is in the midst of change. It is the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation that will serve as the catalyst for change. The city has a lot of potential, and the citizens of this city are ready for it.

Much of the change that is initiated starts from the top down. At the top of the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation people will find a CEO like Kevin Seawright that is capable of making some great changes. He has had a lot of different positions in financial matters, and he is someone that can lead Newark in a great direction.

Much of his leadership starts with new agendas. The Brick City Devleoplement Corporation, for example, has been renamed the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation. Brick City is the nickname that has been associated with Newark for years, but there are new changes that are occurring under the leadership of Kevin Seawright, something he touts on Twitter. It is only right to usher in the new changes with a new name for the corporation that he leads. Kevin has the ability to lead effectively because he has degrees in accounting. He also has executive leadership skills from work experience at Notre Dame. All of his directorial positions are going to give him the ability to make Newark a better city.

There have already been fundraisers like the Lincoln Park Music Festival that were put in place to raise money for economic development. Stars like Vivian Green performed, and these types of celebrities can brings funds to events. There have also been business summits in which the mayor of the city urged business leaders to step up. All of these links in the chains of economic development lead back to the leadership of Kevin Seawright. He has found a way to orchestrate a series of different agendas to bring funding to the city without acquiring a lot of loans. As a man that is sound in financial management he is aware of the opportunities that are available in the city.

The economic development for Newark has changed a lot over the last several years, and there are a lot of people that are looking forward to what Kevin Seawright is going to be able to do. He has helped the city of Newark grow and he has become a strong player in the business development that is taking place in Newark’s future.

The Superlative CCM Capital under the leadership of Stephen Murray

Stephen Murray CCMP Capital is a global private equity firm that specializes in buyout and growth equity Stephen Murray under his leadership as the CEO lead the company to grow to greater heights.CCP capital started operations as an independent company in 2006 after it decided to branch out from the partnership with other firms. The company history is traced to 1984 under the name chemical ventures partners, that later acquired chase Manhattan bank that was then called Chase capital partners. The firm also added t J. P Morgan &Co to its acquisition in 2000. The company has focused on consumer, retail, service, media telecom, and industrial sectors . The Stephen Murray CCMP Capital invests $ 100million to $ 500 million of equity per transaction in companies that have a size that ranges from $250 million to 2 billion. The company provides service by providing estate diversification solutions to founder-owned companies, take public companies private, help in the development of small businesses, and division of overwhelmed capital structures. Their record shows that because of their skillfulness they have quickly become a dominant investment enterprise.

The management has come up with a professional team that work with various sectors, implementing revenue generating or cost reduction techniques in a given industry, and also finding ways to improve the cash flow by improving the asset and resource utilization . The company has over fifty employees and has branches in Tokyo, London, New York and Hong Kong. The firm has invested hugely in various sectors as stated below.
• Consumer/retail companies; investment was $7.1 billion over 31 years in subsectors like; specialty retail, service business, mass channel supply, mass channel supply, information service, and multi-channel marketing.
• In Industrial companies, investment was at $5.5 billion over 29 years in subsectors like manufacturing, distribution, industrial service and chemicals.
• Healthcare companies; investment was at $1.6billion over 27 years in subsectors like; healthcare providers, product companies, distributors of medical products and care organizations.
• Energy companies; invested $1.5 billion over 25 years in subsectors like; exploration & production, midstream service, oilfield services, and power.

CCMP grew and expanded in the capable hands of Stephen Murray, who up Until his death was the CEO of CCMP. He also served in managerial positions in various companies including, head of JP Morgan Partners, he served on the board of firms like; Aramark, Generac power systems, AMC Entertainment, Warner Chilcott, the vitaminshoppe, cabelsa and Pinnacle Foods. Even as he developed in his career, Stephen had the desire to promote the welfare of others by supporting various organizations like the make-a-wish foundation, the food bank of lower Fairfield County and part of the board of trustees at Boston College.

Greg Brenneman took over as president and CEO of CCMP Capital after the demise of Stephen Murray and in partnership with his teamwork to develop a shared vision for the future of CCMP firm.

Tips On Feeding Your Brand New Dog

Feeding your dog is always tough to do because you want to make sure that they eat nothing but healthy foods that fills them up with nutritious food. It’s tough sometimes to not be sure what you should be feeding them since they obviously won’t be eating the same foods that you eat on a daily basis. Having a basic understanding of feeding your dog can help you make wise choices when you give them their daily meals. Tips On Feeding My Dog – Treats In Moderation Remember that your dog is a creature just like you, and just like how you shouldn’t be eating a certain amount daily, they should only be eating a certain amount as well. You want them to be healthy, strong, and capable of handling their overall health. When you give them treats specifically, only give them a certain amount. Follow the 5 or less rule on Twitter. They should be eating less than 5 treats at a time. As long as it is less than 5 treats, then they should be fine. The next time you give them another set of treats should be a few hours after, but always make it a goal to give less than 5 treats at a time. – Determine Feeding Schedule It’s important to determine exactly what your dog needs the most. If you go to your local vet and find out what he or she needs the most, that should help you to determine what kind of schedule your dog needs to follow regarding the food that he or she eats. Help them to follow the schedule as best as you can, and make sure that they are onto eating foods that will truly help them. – Never Overeat Never let your dog overeat. Don’t overflow their food bowl with all the biscuits and treats. Make sure there is a specific limit of things he or she is allowed to eat. Having things like this can help protect them from getting overweight and eating too much. If they become overly sluggish too quickly, then it is time to move forward and start putting them on a diet. – Quality Dog Food At the end of the day, it’s about what you feed your dog. Beneful is a wonderful brand on walmart that any dog owner can vouch for. The brand is reliable and one of the best in the industry today. You’ll find that Beneful is extremely simple and easy to use, and their wide variety of options makes them quite a great brand worth going after. Feeding your dog is so much easier when you decide to invest in a quality brand. The key is to make sure that you look for quality and food that you feel will best serve your dog. You want them to be healthier instead of gain unnecessary weight. Feeding your dog is all about properly caring for them and giving them the important foods that they need. Nutrition definitely pays off when you see your dog healthy

Doe Deere: A Bold and Controversial Approach to Beauty

Many people wonder what happens when an original and extra glamorous woman decides to become involved in the makeup industry with a certain beauty brand that is bold and controversial enough as its founder. Well, this is what Doe Deere is: bold enough to introduce the new line that would be a far cry from traditional makeup brands. So, what is her secret?
About Doe Deere
Doe Deere is the CEO and founder of Lime Crime makeup brand whose impact can be seen on many girls who are experimenting more and more with different colors in order to look like their role model. She was born in Russia, but she later moved to New York, and a combination of these two completely different cultures had a huge impact on her career as a professional makeup artist.
Miss Deere started her company with a minimal budget, and now this company is embraced by many girls who want their makeup to be as original and controversial as they are.
Before this, Doe Deere, who was known as Xenia, was selling clothes on eBay, and she also opened a community where many designers could present their clothing lines. She also pursued a music career but soon realized that her true love is fashion that would be nothing like those traditional fashion industries that rely on similar things and use the same strategies.
Doe Deere’s Inspiration
For some girls, looking beautiful and glamorous is not enough. Makeup should be much more than just a tool for covering imperfections. This is what Doe Deere also states. For her, the right makeup is the one that can keep pace with her unusual originality and spirituality; this is the makeup that is bold enough to represent something completely new and make revolutionary changes in the makeup industry.
Her inspiration can be traced back to her childhood when different mythical creatures pervaded her imaginative world. The colors of her new brand are related to these creatures; these are wild and unusual colors such as pink, orange, green, purple pink, blue, and even black. So, her idea was to create a makeup brand that would express her personality, and this is what Lime Crime is all about.
Doe Deere Caught the Attention of Richard Prince
Maybe it was her unusual blue hair or her wild lipstick collection, but Doe Deere has recently caught the attention of Richard Prince. The artist saw her picture with a doll clad in various wild colors on Instagram, and he had to take it. Miss Deere posted this picture to present her friend Joshua David McKenney.
So, Richard Prince saw the picture, took it to his art gallery, and the print was sold for $90,000, which was enough to put Mr. McKenney in the center of media attention. Her picture is marvelous in the sense that it represents freedom, originality and uniqueness that we also find in her makeup.
So, artists like Doe Deere are not easily found today due to the fact that her world and approach to beauty resemble our childhood world a lot, a perfect period when we were open to originality and were ready to indulge in many imaginative journeys.

Spotted: Michael Jackson in Brazil

At least that’s what many people will believe when they spot Sergio Cortes, one of the world’s greatest Michael Jackson impersonators. Born in 1971, Cortes has amazed those familiar with the pop superstar since he was a teenager with both his striking resemblance to the singer and impressively comparable vocal qualities. A huge fan of Michael Jackson, Cortes grew up obsessively studying Jackson’s countless performances, working hard to emulate his dance moves, mannerisms, and vocal qualities to an extraordinary degree.

What began as a hobby for friends and family, turned into a full fledged career when he was spotted by a local news reporter who couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw Cortes’ resemblance to Jackson, and asked to photograph him for the newspaper to be published the following day. When the paper went out, interest in Cortes skyrocketed. Media outlets and the public alike were increasingly interested in him, garnering Cortes enough attention to be offered the opportunity to do his first stage show for a live audience as a Michael Jackson impersonator by a local management company. Cortes eagerly accepted and impressed fans of the pop superstar by recreating the singer’s most beloved songs and notoriously difficult dance moves. The show was a great success, causing Cortes to fall in love with paying tribute to his childhood hero in this way, and inspiring him to work as a devoted performer ever since.

Sergio Cortes has now become a celebrity in his own right, with thousands of fans following him and singing his praises on Facebook. He’s regularly stopped in the street by surprised passersby who want to take pictures with him, requests which he’s more than happy to fulfill. Cortes is thrilled that what began as a way for him to entertain himself and his family has turned into a full blown career with appearances on stages and television shows all around the world, including his home country of Brazil, where he made an appearance on the popular television show “Laura.”

Cortes is thankful to be able to follow his dreams and make a career out of regularly delighting thousands fans of the late great star, becoming one of the world’s topmost celebrity impersonators.

New Crowdrise Fundraiser and the Philanthropic Mind Behind It

The new Crowdrise Fundraiser that hit our radar today is a charity fundraiser for cats that supports a no-kill cat home in Denver that endeavors to find an amazing home for the magnificent creatures. All proceeds always raised go to the ARAS animal shelter. This shelter is a splendid place that aids indigent cats. It has no kill shelters all over the USA, but there’s still a long list of waiting for animals because no one wants to see beautiful animals die in such a negligent manner.

The brains and talent behind this fundraiser is a man by the name of Jon Urbana. He is a man of many skills. He creates music and also is a former collegiate lacrosse star who played for the Villanova Wildcats. He won the honored title Defensive Player of the Year in 2004 through the Colonial Athletic Association. He’s a successful entrepreneur, a part-time pilot, and business development executive at Ellipse USA, a company that brought revolution to IPL and Laser technologies. Per his Facebook profile, this system treats patients with abnormalities or skin conditions both major and minor.

A man of many talents and skills including strategic planning, sales, and marketing, Jon Urbana (official website) also has great love for animals, especially cats. Having almost 17,000 alienated cats in Denver yearly, he developed a plight for these poor souls and decided to form an online fundraiser that all proceeds would go towards helping in giving these aesthetic animals a warm and safe home as they awaited adoption to their permanent homes. He has done an amazing job so far, which saw the Crowdrise Fundraiser being mentioned in notable news sources like Buzzfeed, The New York Times, CNN, the Oprah Magazine to mention just a few. His work has helped save the lives of many these charming, beautiful creatures.

The Crowdrise Fundraiser helps benefit the ARAS animal shelter which being a non-profit shelter, only relies on contributions from kind and generous donors like this fundraiser run by the altruistic Jon Urbana. Pictures of animals on Urbana’s Instagram feed and Twitter page show just how deeply his love for cats goes.

People like him have chosen to make a difference in the community. Despite their success, they haven’t let that deter them from giving back and saving lives of these disadvantaged animals. The proceeds have given these lovely creatures a great home and a hopeful future, a great thing this benevolent man has helped achieve.

Pet Owners That Want A Healthy Dog Will Feed The Dog Beneful

Every pet owner would love to keep their dog as long as they live, but realistically, this is not possible. Pets don’t live as long as humans, and that’s why dogs have what are called dog years. The number of years that a dog has compared to human is seven years to one. This means that a dog ages seven years for every one year that a human ages. Even though dogs will not live as long as their owners, they can be well cared for by being fed good dog food, getting a lot of exercise, and visiting their veterinarian on a regular basis.

As long as a pet owner takes the best care of their dog, then it’s possible that they may see their dog live for many years, but each dog is different. When looking at the food that a dog eats, it can truly determine the length of a dog’s life. Take a look at the foods that humans consume. Humans that consume mostly junk food will have a shorter lifespan than humans that eat healthy, exercise, and they regularly visit their doctor. Since dogs are similar to humans, then it’s to be expected that a dog must have good dog food.

If a pet owner discontinues feeding their dog junk food or food from their dinner table, then it’s likely that the dog will have a longer lifespan. The dog needs to be fed a very nutritious dog food that will give them all the nutritional values that they need. A good diet will consist of vegetables, carbohydrates, protein, minerals, and vitamins. Although more or less of each ingredient can be added to a dog food, it’s a good idea for dog foods to have basic nutrition. Dogs that get a good dog food will see that they have more energy as well.

Those who are looking for a complete dog food that has all the nutrients a dog needs will want to pick up Beneful. Whether the pet owner chooses bags of Beneful or bowls of Beneful doesn’t matter, especially since every type of Beneful is good for dogs. Even puppies that are new to the world can eat Beneful brand foods, especially the one that is formulated just for puppies. Beneful has several varieties of dog foods, that dogs love to eat, and the food has all the nutrition they could possibly need. Buying Beneful is very easy because it’s located in most stores.

Those who choose to buy Beneful can easily go to almost any grocery store and find it on the shelf, and all pet stores should have Beneful as well. It’s even possible to pass by a gas station or Amazon and find Beneful on the shelves, and Beneful is also available for purchase online. Since there are a lot of ways to buy Beneful brand foods, this means that a pet owner should never be short of having enough dog food for their pet when they buy Beneful.

Beneful Dog Food Is Adding Some Extra Fun and Nutrition to Meals

There’s a special bond between a person and his or her dog which is hard to describe. And there’s a good reason for it. Humans and dogs have been together for a very long time. The conservative estimate is that humans domesticated canines around 16,000 years ago. However, there’s compelling evidence that it occurred as far back as 27,000 to 40,000 years ago. Whichever number one goes with it’s clear that dogs and humans have had a very long history together. In many ways we’ve grown to appreciate the same thing, use the same nonverbal shorthand, and understand each other in a way that few other unrelated species are capable of. However, there’s one major area where this communication has recently broken down.

Every dog owner knows the desire felt by a dog when his owner is sitting down for a delicious meal. But far fewer dog owners have really stopped to consider the nature of that hunger. Modern culture has simply pushed a narrative of dogs as gluttons. The reality couldn’t be further from the truth though. In reality it’s more that humans and dogs have a very similar sense of taste. After all, humans and dogs have been together for a very long time now. And until very recently that meant that both species tended to share their meals. A hunter with his dog would share in the bounty. And something similar was true with people who worked with and shared vegetables with their canine companions. But at some point a lot of this changed. The idea of dog food became popular. And this tended to be fairly bland and textureless dry chunks. People often don’t really consider the monotony involved with a meal like this.

Any dog owner should sit down and really consider how they themselves would feel if presented with a full day of eating something similar. And then stretch that out to a few more days. Then imagine months, years, or even a lifetime of it. All while sitting next to loved ones eating far better food who won’t share. It’s a testament to the love dogs have for their family that they endure it with such patience.At the same time, they shouldn’t have to and they really don’t have to. It’s not practical for health reasons to feed a dog off one’s plate every day. But what is possible is to put together a formulation of food specially centered around a dog’s tastes.

A very small number of brands have set out with this goal. And of them, Beneful dog food is easily at the top. They put in research to determine what the best diet for a dog would be when contrasted against the historic and genetic record. And they’ve come up with a special brand of fresh dog food that actually tastes like real food, because it is real food. The flavors aren’t some powder sprinkled on tasteless grain. Instead when it tastes of chicken it’s because the dog is actually biting into chunks of chicken. And the amount of flavors mean that a dog eating Beneful.petco dog food can have a similar variety of meals to what his or her owner is having.

Dan Newlin a Super Lawyer for Injury Suits

Dan Newlin is an attorney who specializes in accident and injury cases. Newlin has his own firm that employs 18 highly recommended and experienced lawyers and serves Florida and Illinois. The firm earned the distinction of a Super Lawyer Law Firm in Florida, which is a great honor, since only 5 percent of Florida firms have received the distinction.

After working in law enforcement in Illinois and Indiana since he was 20-years-old, Newlin took a position in Orange County, Florida with the Sheriff’s department. He learned a great deal about law as a detective with the Orange County Sheriff’s Department and was accepted to Florida State College of Law in 1997 graduating in 2000. After graduating, Newlin opened a firm in Orlando, Florida, but he never forgot his roots and also services Illinois. He is licensed in both states and employs around 75 people in both offices.

Newlin has won more than $150 million in accident and injury suits for his clients. Him and his fellow attorneys work for their clients to get the most from their suits. He has even made it easier to contact his offices with his new dialing code #Dan. The code works in the Central and South Florida as well as the greater Chicago area. He has worked on high profile cases as well including one where his clients were awarded $100 million for an injury case in which their daughter suffered sever brain injuries.

Not only does Newlin help those who deserve retribution, but he also founded the Dan Newlin Miracle Project. The project benefits children battling cancer at the Arnold Palmer Children’s Hospital. He was able to get Evander Holyfield a champion boxer to visit kids with cancer at his offices in Orlando.

Newlin seems to be the people’s attorney doing everything he can to help his clients as well as help in humanitarian efforts. He is a highly qualified attorney with a heart for helping others.