The People Love James Dondero

In terms of investment banking, Highland Capital Management has managed to create an open and honest atmosphere through their simple, yet effective business model. The company’s motto charges their associates to be “Bold. Disciplined. And experienced.” The men and women of the firm have spent their time doing just that. Highland Capital Management has an amazing reputation in terms of their customer service and their customer reviews. Thanks to those customers and their fantastic experiences, Highland Capital Management has been honored with a large list of business awards in their field. The team currently has more than 21 billion dollars being circulated in the different assets that they manage. Prominent business journals have credited Highland Capital Management with being the most experienced company amongst a rather competitive field. Though the firm may be small, the company offers a wide list of options for clients who want to use their services. Whether those services be: CLOs, also known as collateralized loan obligations, credit hedge funds, distressed situation with private equity, special situations with private equity, credit strategies, separate accounts, and long-only funds. Highland Capital Management has spent years perfecting their technique in the mentioned fields. In terms of their specialty and alternative practices, Highland Capital Management has done a fantastic job excelling at those as well. Short term equities, long term equities, emerging markets, and natural resources are among the many alternative practices. The list of clients that Highland Capital Management caters to on the daily basis is extensive. The client list includes: financial institutions, governments, high net worth individuals, foundations, non-profit funds, endowments, public pension plans, and most importantly, corporations. Highland Capital Management can proudly boast such a wide clientele thanks to one man, his business partner, and their dream to improve upon the world of investment banking and management.

James Dondero of insidermonkey is currently serving as the Highland Capital Management Corporation’s president. Dondero is in charge of making sure that the daily processes of Highland Capital Management are kept in order as well as making sure that clients are taken care of. Dondero founded the Highland Capital Management firm with Mark Okada, his longtime business partner. Okada and Dondero both have an extensive history in the field of investment management. Dondero’s experience dates back to his start in the field more than 30 years ago. Protective Life’s GIC subsidiary was where Dondero worked before starting the Highland Capital Management company. During that time, Dondero helped the company gain more than 2 billion dollars during his time there. During those years, Dondero was the only client to manage as many projects at one time. After sometime at Protective Life’s GIC subsidiary, Dondero transferred over to American Express, the popular and innovative credit card company. After realizing how natural it was for him to excel in the field, Dondero wasted no time in making plans to start his own business. That’s when Highland Capital Management was founded. Dondero has spent years making a name for himself, his colleagues, his company, and the investment field as a whole. The positive customer reviews that heavily influence James Dondero’s personal website prove that this business man is a man of the people.

Tips on Becoming a Successful Businesswoman

With the ongoing news of gender inequality and lack of enough women at boardroom level, it is apparent that there are hurdles that many businesswomen must be ready overcome so as to join the list of successful businesswomen. I have realized that being a woman cannot hold women back or alter their chance of success as being a successful businesswoman apparently boils down to personality.

I have observed that all successful women are confident. Confidence appears to help them win people’s respect and build a profitable business. Female aviator, Beryl Markham, wants women to appreciate that they have all that it takes to be successful businesspersons. In her book, Success Breeds Confidence, she warns women against carrying themselves around as inferior beings as this reduces their chances of demonstrating effective leadership.

Successful business women also have strong sense of purpose. Any woman who envisions to succeed in business must believe that they are destined for great things. Oprah Winfrey was determined to make a difference, and she did, despite having experienced a rocky start in life. A businesswoman must only believe in herself and what she is doing, and the strong sense of purpose will be reflected in her business.

When we observe the life of great businesswomen, we also see that they truly believe in themselves. Self-belief is a trait that plays a central role in the life and career of businesswomen. In the words of Susan McGalla, she is successful partly because she has always been equally comfortable with men and women and do not fear to work with any of them. When bizjournals‘ Susan McGalla joined American Eagle Outfitters, the company was a predominantly male company. Through hard work and determination, she excelled there, and that was responsible for a culture change that has led to the creation of many opportunities for women. Susan rose to become the president and chief merchandising officer of the once predominately male company. Her success has a lot to do with her belief that she has all that it takes to be a competent leader.

Apart from self-concept, successful businesswomen are always passionate about the things they are doing as well. They create businesses around things that they enjoy. Anita Roddick and Oprah Winfrey built a career around their passion. Roddick was passionate about social activism, and she created a company that was the first to disallow the usage of product tested on animals. Winfrey, on the other hand, had a difficult childhood and has built a successful career around her passion for helping others.

Hard works crown all these traits. People can have the talents, abilities, intelligence, connections, and everything else but fail to become successful businesswomen if they are lazy. Singer Marsha once said that hard work is the true enduring trait of successful people. The recipe of going to the top is clearly hard work because without putting in adequate effort to make something better, no transformation can come by. Money is a reward that is gotten after solving the problem of another person, so the more problems a person solves, the more money they receive.

Women in Business – Determined and Gaining

Margaret Thatcher said, “If you want anything said, ask a man, if you want something done, ask a woman.” Why are women most likely to “get it done?” Some believe it is female instinct to see a need and busy to meet it; such as in and around the family circle. Some say it is a woman’s desire to gain over-due recognition for her knowledge and abilities. Still others believe her drive springs from a personal, inner race to prove her worth whether anyone notices or not.

Women make up just over half of the US population on They conduct over 80 percent of US consumer spending and earn well over 60 percent of all Master’s Degrees. They make up 47 percent of our labor force, where they help broaden vision, with their unique perspectives as females, as well as their own individuality. Still their struggle to make solid gains in the business world is clearly under-scored by the fact that less than 9 percent occupy positions in top management.

According to Women In Consulting (WIC), women are also less likely to become entrepreneurs. They face challenges such as lack of mentors, less start up capitol than their male counterparts and multiple gender barriers. However, WIC and other female consulting firms are determined to reset the statistics. They believe women should be given the tools to identify their strengths and weaknesses, guidance that points to well-defined goals and opportunities to specialize.

Susan MaGalla, founder of P3 Executive Consulting, LLC and current Director of Strategic Planning and Growth for the Pittsburgh Steelers, says women need straight answers that cut through the generalities. As former President and CMO of American Eagle Outfitters, Inc. and CEO of The Wet Seal, Inc., MaGalla has gained an inside look into the world at the top for the American businesswoman. She believes gender should not factor into success and encourages women to work hard, network, make good decisions and move forward as autonomous, without regard to gender.

The American businesswoman is working hard to make her presence known and permanent. Her slow but steady growth continues to ensure both. Health-care, social and educational assistance and retail and wholesale trade continue to give the best showing of her strength. Although current statistics seem lagging, women guiding women into the world of business is out to change the numbers. Just getting there is getting something done, but that is only her beginning!

The Road To Becoming A Lawyer In Brazil

The first law schools in Brazil were formed in 1827 in the cities of Sao Paulo and Orlindo. The necessity for highly skilled lawyers had arisen when Brazil gained independence in 1822.

Numerous foreign legal systems had an impact on the developing Brazillian system of law through the years. From the Colonial Period until the present, Portuguese, French, German and Italian influence has given Brazillian law a sort of collage effect.

The Federal Constitution, as the most important law of the land, is the foundation for all aspects of Brazillian law. Any proposed legislation has to be found in harmony with the Constitution or it is quickly discarded. It is possible to modify the Constitution but it requires a Constitutional Amendment.

The legal profession in Brazil is regulated by the Brazillian Bar Association (The Ordem dos Advogados do Brazil-OAB), which was born in 1930 after many years of work performed by the Brazillian Lawyers Institute (Instituto dos Advogados Brasileiro -IAB)

Universities in Brazil require prospective law students to pass a vestibular examination after completing high school. Obtaining a law degree usually takes five years of study in an undergraduate program but can be accomplished also by going to school part-time, for a longer course of study.

Both private as well as public learning institutions are able to provide the opportunity for students to earn a law degree in Brazil, as long as their program is approved by the National Commission of Legal Education.

Another avenue that is available to Brazillian law students from the beginning of their studies is internships with companies that match their particular interests. This opportunity, as well as the superb training they receive in law school, produces lawyers of exceptional quality.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is one of the high quality lawyers that has come out of the Brazillian education system. He completed law school at Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie, as well as additional postgraduate courses at FAAP to become more astute at business administration. He is now not only a member of the Brazillian Bar Association, but also belongs to the International Bar Association, as well as the Law Firm and Partnerships Research Centre.

Mr. Carvalho began his career in law by opening a modest office but was soon offered a position with a prestigious corporate law firm. He was responsible for the development of some ‘tools of the trade’ that are now routinely utilized by lawyers all over Brazil. During the past twenty two years of practicing business law, he has acquired a reputation as one of the most respected entrepreneurs in the area. He started his own company and mentored interns throughout the years. That firm is now one of Brazil’s largest and is run with the help of his partners, most of which started there as interns. An accomplished writer, Mr Carvalho is co-author of the book O Processo de Tiradentes, as well as the author of numerous published reviews and articles. He is often asked to speak about legal issues at conferences.

Top Four Brazilian Authors

A part from football, Brazilians also does literature. There are very many writers from Brazil who are well known for their good work that they have done in writing. The top three Brazilian authors that one can consider are:

Eduardor Spohr

He is a 35 – year – old journalist who is based in Rio. He has published ‘A batalha do Apocalipse’ which means The Battle of Apocalypse. According to him this is a fantasy Novel which was done in the year 2007. After the launch of this novel the first 100 copies sold out so quickly that he had to go and reproduce other 500 copies that also sold so fast. This novel talks about the saga of angels who were expelled from Heaven in the ancient times who are now seeking revenge on the judgment day.

When he saw the demand for the novel was still rising he decided to print an additional 4000 copies in2009. In 2010 the Verus, the imprint of Grupo Records acquired the rights to the book and have now published over 100000 more books.

Marcelo Rossi

He is a re-known priest in Brazil and also one of the long serving leaders of the catholic charismatic movement. He released a religious self – help book Agape seven months ago. This book has remained the top – selling book in Brazil since the year 2010. The book so far has sold over two million copies. Marcelo’s popularity is evident right from the beginning, after more than 2500 people turned up for the first reading of his book. This not enough, in another event held in Rio the audience turned up to be 6000 people. He signed books for 12 straight hours and instead of continuing, he decided to start blessing the people.

Gustavo Cerbasi

He is a personal finance specialist. His book ‘Casais Inteligentes EnriquecemjJuntos’ which means smart couples get rich together, published in 2004 is still in the list of bestseller to date. According to his approach on finance he opts to prioritize quality of life by maintaining the marital relationship before money – making. In Brazil alone, more than one million copies of his titles have been sold.

Jaime Garcia Dias

Jaime was born in 1970. His father Arnaldo Dias was also a writer while his mother Dulce Garcia Dias was an architect. They lived in Reo de Janeiro. He has become one of the most famous authors in Brazil. Of the twenty books that he has published, five have been winning awards. He became a writer after being inspired by his father. He started writing at the age of 15 years and by the time he was 18 his first book had already been published. In 2011 he was awarded The white Crane.

The Myths About Penny Stocks in Investment Trading

There are always plenty of lies and deceptions that go around about any investment. It’s your place to separate the fact from opinion. When it comes to penny stock trading, the rumors are massive. However, what is truth and what is a lie? Here are some of the most common misconceptions about this method of trading.

You Must Have A lot of Money To Get Started

If you want to buy the blue chips, then you will need a nice amount of money on hand. However, buying penny stocks is different. If you don’t have a good deal of money to invest that is okay. You can get started with a small amount like $500. It’s all about where you put your money more so than how much you place. You can make smart decisions with a small amount and still come out on top.

You Must Know Everything About Penny Trading To Start

There are plenty of novice traders out there. You are going to feel overwhelmed in the beginning. But you don’t need to know everything to be profitable. Some people choose to trade NASDAQs and others may look into contract winners. There is a wide variety of options.

You Must Have a Diversified Portfolio

Many money managers will say that you need to have a diversified portfolio to trade penny stocks. Penny stocks are volatile. Good positions only come around so often. If you insist on being diversified and holding 20 positions you could lose a lot of money.

It Will Take You 50 Years To Become A Millionaire

Who wants to wait that long to become a millionaire? There is no guarantee in this type of trading. However, if you are diligent in taking your skills and follow a meticulous plan, you will be able to see massive growth in your portfolio.

You Must Pick The Right Stocks Always

Well, this is a big misconception because no one is going to pick all the rights stocks every single time. If you average a win and loss rate of about 72 percent, you will be doing good. Turn your losses into learning opportunities. We all would like to win 100 percent of the time, but playing any stocks involves some risks.

A Good Trader Will Never Lose

Please, this misconception is laughable! All good traders have lost plenty. However, they have also won plenty, so it evens up the score. Learn to minimize the losses and keep building the portfolio. Cut the losses quickly and move on. Never trade with your heart, always trade with your head.

Finding Good Investments

Making decisions like these can be difficult. Do you want to invest in penny stocks, play the stock market or use other methods to diversify your portfolio. Kenneth Griffin of Citadel LLC has been helping people with hedge funds. This is another area of investing that many people don’t know about. Griffin is known as one of the richest men in Illinois because of his risk taking ability.

Citadel weathered some storms during the economic crash years ago, but they have risen bigger and better than before. Griffin made good choices for their future, and his company can help with your investment decisions too.

Marc Sparks gives back to the community

Marc Sparks is one of the most successful writers on the planet, and he regularly offers his advice on his blog. He recently decided that he would offer advice about why one would want to write a book.
Marc narrowed down the reasons why someone would write a book into two different reasons. One of the first reasons he offered for someone to write a book is money. Many people dream of becoming rich and famous from writing a book. While you may dream of becoming rich from writing your book, the fact is that most books do not recuperate the money that was spent to produce the book. So essentially it is critical to not write your book for money.
One of the other reasons why one might write a book is due to ego. There is nothing more exciting than seeing your name on a piece of working, and knowing that you produced it. Many people see their book writing as the crowning achievement of their career. Everyone has an ego, and this ego can drive us to work incredibly hard to create something for us to be remembered by. Unfortunately, writing a book is an incredibly intense process that over time will wear you down. As you begin writing your book, you expect the process to be extremely simple, but after you write page after page, you will begin to realize that the book is wearing away at you. If you are just in the process of writing a book for yourself, then you will never finish your book, or you will produce a book that you are not proud of.
Marc Sparks then went on to lay out the reason why he wrote his book. While money and ego was an initial motivating factor for Marc, eventually an even bigger reason emerged. Marc wrote his book to give back to people. Throughout his time talking to people throughout the country Marc has discovered that people are extremely eager to hear from Marc. Marc pulled himself up from nothing, and his story is an inspiration for people everywhere.
While there are many different reasons while you might chose to write a book, it is important to fully evaluate why you are going to write your book. Marc has fully evaluated his reasoning and has ultimately decided to give back to the community by writing a book for people.

I Love Watching Sergio Cortes Perform As Michael Jackson

I always considered myself to be one of Michael Jackson’s biggest fans. I used to listen to his music all day, and I would even put on my headphones and play his music while I slept at night. I had posters of Michael Jackson on the wall, I listened to his music on the radio, and I even joined the Michael Jackson fan club. The only thing I was never able to do is to go to a Michael Jackson concert, and it’s because I could never afford it. I was young when Michael Jackson was extremely popular, and even as an adult, I still couldn’t afford to see Michael Jackson in concert. I have to say that that’s one of my biggest regrets in life is never seeing Michael Jackson perform before he died.

I was doing some research on Michael Jackson for a report that I had to turn in, and I became interested in Michael Jackson impersonators. Even as an adult, I still am a big fan of Michael Jackson, and I still play his music regularly. I know that Michael is gone, but I also know that there are impersonators that still make it seem as if Michael is still alive and well. I did some research on impersonators on the Internet, but none of them really impressed me, but then I came across an impersonator named Sergio Cortes. I’m not one who easily gets impressed, but Sergio really changed my mind.

For someone who has been a fan of Michael Jackson their whole life, I’ve seen it all. I’ve seen little children imitating Michael Jackson as well as older seniors imitating him. Many people want to imitate Michael Jackson, but few have the skills to do so. Sergio Cortes is different, and I became so fascinated with him that I would follow him on social media, and I even watched every video that he posted. Although Sergio is from Brazil, and I don’t speak their language, it still didn’t stop me from becoming a fan of his performances.

Sergio Cortes, written about by, is unique in the fact that he looks just like Michael Jackson. It’s not even that he just dresses like him, but his actual facial features look just like the King of Pop, and it makes me reminisce back to my youth when I used to love listening to Michael Jackson. Sergio does performances, he dances, and he dresses exactly like Michael Jackson. If I hadn’t seen so many imitators of Michael Jackson, then I wouldn’t be so impressed by Sergio, but I believe he’s the best Michael Jackson impersonator I’ve ever seen. Sergio Cortes, written about by,  truly has a talent for impersonating Michael Jackson, and I hope that he continues doing so for the rest of his life.

Your Own New York City Apartment Is Just A Phone Call Away

You’re brand-new to New York City, but you have a great job that you are starting in the next month. You already have the plan to move to New York City, but you’re not certain where to start looking for a new apartment. New York City is different than other cities around the USA, and the city is extremely big. With millions of people in the city, it can be difficult to navigate through the city as well as learning which parts are the most desirable to live in. If you’re planning on making a move to New York City, then it’s wise to choose a real estate agent.

If you want the best real estate that New York City has to offer, and you want an extremely luxurious apartment, then call Town Real Estate. Town Real Estate has years of knowledge in the real estate industry in New York City, and they can help you to find the best apartment in the city. With all the high-rises that New York City has to offer, one of the best apartments would be one that towers over the city. Who wouldn’t want to wake up in their amazingly spacious apartment, and then go out on the balcony, and take in a view of the city?

It’s not impossible to get a great place to stay in New York City, but you may have to have the right connections. If you work with Town Real Estate, you may be able to find some apartments for rent that no other agency has. If you want a great view from atop a high-rise building, or even if you want a low rise building with amazing amenities, Town Real Estate can help you to find what you want. With all the exclusive listings that Town Real Estate has to offer, you may be surprised at the NYC properties you can find.

Many people move to New York City every year, and a lot of them move there for a new job. It’s no fun to have to plan for a new job, continue to work, and have to take time to look for an apartment. It’s understandable that you have a life, and you may not be able to take time to search for your new apartment. If you work directly with Town Real Estate, your agent can search for your new apartment for you, and you’ll be able to continue planning your move, without all the extra headache.

Brazil Lawyers Study Neymar Petition Against Copa America Ban

Lawyers in Brazil are thinking of whether a petition is able to be made to counter Neymar’s 4-match prohibition, which has decreed the Selacao’s captain among other Copa America, coach Dunga stated on Saturday.

The Brazilian Football Federation (CBF) confirmed their assertions that the superstar aged 23, barred for head-butting a Colombian rival, has been unjustly pursued at the match.

Lawyer Ricardo Tosto knows that Brazil, still convalescing from its World Cup tragedy the past year, has been astounded with the retribution against their chief player and CBF is searching for means to appeal.

“CBF legal experts will respond to all actions taken against Neymar,” Dunga informed a press forum on the evening before Brazil’s final Group C match against Venezuela on Sunday.

CBF legal manager Carlos Eugenio Lopes announced: “The decision was not normal.”

“We don’t want anything in our favor, we don’t want anything against us, we just want it to be balanced. There should just be an equal judgment for everyone in the tournament,” the coach further said, admitting that Brazil’s new football star would be deeply missed.

Neymar had by now been offered a makeshift one-match deferment, excluding him from the last group match of Brazil, after picking his second ‘Yellow Card’ of the match.

Nevertheless, Conmebol raised the sanction to 4 tournaments to record the ‘Red Card’ as well as his conduct at the conclusion of the match against Columbia.

Group C is outstandingly poised with Brazil, Columbia, Peru and Venezuela every level on 1 win and 1 loss so far.

Coach Dunga said that Neymar is a soccer icon and the retribution was extremely big. Obviously people love football and they wish to have him on the ground, not only Neymar but (Alexis) Sanchez, (Lionel) Messi and (Angel) di Maria.

Brazilian representatives alongside Neymar have called during the match for better security against aggravation from other clubs.

The CBF’s legal manager announced when the bar was proclaimed that they are pursuing Neymar on the field and they did not do anything to counter the other teams.

Neymar’s absenteeism could create an opportunity for Douglas Costa to acquire a starting point, though many Brazilians are dreadful of the repercussions of being snatched their celebrated player.

During the 2014 World Cup, Neymar writhed a ruptured spinal cord bone in a 2-1 quarter-final triumph against Columbia.

The test by Columbia’s Juan Camilo Zunuiga went scot-free and, lacking their star player, Brazil lost 7-1 to Germany in a harrowing semi-final.