Yeonmi Park Human Rights Advocate

In today’s world, people are becoming more aware of the violation of human rights in various parts of the world. One of the people who have come into prominence in this area is a woman named Yeonmi Park, a North Korean defector. A human rights activist, she has became well known for her speeches on the subject.

Born in North Korea on October 4, 1993, she was fortunate to have a family that was wealthy by the country’s standard. However, this ended when her father was arrested for illegal trading and was sentenced to prison. This caused a hardship that started her on the road to understanding the plight of people who were suffering under the North Korea leadership.

After her father was released from prison, a plan was put in place to escape to China. This escape was formalized with the help of North Korean human trafficker brokers who were able to smuggle them out of the country and into China. Their sister Eunmi had already left and their father, who was ill, remained behind.

In 2007, they were established in Seoul and her father was smuggled into China. Unfortunately, it was discovered that he had cancer and soon passed away. Yeonmi Park relates that they were unable to provide him with a proper funeral and he was buried on a mountainside.

It was with the help of missionaries that Yeonmi and her mother were able to survive in China and eventually arrived in South Korea, by way of Mongolia, in 2009. In South Korea, they were able to find employment in a shop and restaurant. At that time, Yeonmi furthered her education by attending the Dongguk University in Soul.

Because of her experiences with the North Korea government, Yeonmi became an advocate for North Korean human rights on amazon. Joining with other North Korean activists, she has worked tirelessly to educate people regarding the need to support refugees from that country. She has become well known for her articles, interviews, and other forms of support in assisting North Korean refugees hiding in China relocate to South Korea. She is especially active with an organization called LiNK (Liberty in North Korea), which assists in refugee relocation efforts.

The U.S. Declaration of Human Rights states: “Whereas it is essential, if man is not to be compelled to have recourse, as a last resort, to rebel against tyranny and oppression, that human rights should be protected by the rule of law.” The dictionary states that human rights are “a right that is believed to belong justifiably to every person.” Today the world is becoming more conscious of the violation of human rights that is being practiced throughout the world, including North Korea.

Yeonmil is an excellent example of what one person can do to aid people who are being unfairly treated by those in power and continues to work toward advocating human rights for North Korea’s citizens.

Kenneth Griffin is extremely charitable

Citadel LLC is one of the most powerful and influential hedge funds in the world. The company joined the Chicago area in the early nineties, and they are now extremely powerful. Citadel has managed to become extremely influential , in part due to their wonderful leader, Kenneth Griffin.

Kenneth Griffin started life as a kid in Florida. Ken Griffin always had extremely big dreams, and he constantly had his eyes on the future. He worked hard throughout grade school, and ultimately he earned a spot at Harvard University, the school that has elevated thousands of people into the elite. Kenneth was happy to be at Harvard, but he was not satisfied just to be there.

During Kenneth’s freshmen year, he was inspired to start trading from his freshman dorm room. He was extremely knowledgeable from the start, simply because he was willing to constantly gather the right information. He was quickly a great success, and soon he was running a hedge fund from his dorm. He continued to run his hedge fund throughout his years of college. By the end of his college years, Kenneth was managing more than a million dollars worth of funds.

When Kenneth graduated from college, he was one of the most highly recruited candidates in the world of finance. He considered several offers from people in the world of finance, but ultimately he decided that he was going to start his own company. With some support from various people he had built connections with throughout college. The company he chose to build was Citadel LLC.

While there were many cities to chose from Citadel LLC. Kenneth ultimately chose to build his business in Chicago. He recruited the biggest talents in the business, and the company started out managing around $10 million in funds. Over the course of nineties, Kenneth and his team managed to build a major player in the world of hedge funds. The company was managing more than a billion dollars worth of funds, which is an incredible amount for any hedge fund.

Citadel is now looked at as one of the greatest companies in the world of hedge funds, and for good reason. Kenneth Griffin has decided that he is going to give back to the world of finance. Harvard is the university that made it possible for him to be so successful. Kenneth decided that he wanted to give back to his school, and recently gave a great deal of money to the University. Kenneth has chosen to target this money towards need based add, and the money is already making a great difference in the life of those students that need aid. The University has chosen to name their financial aid office after Kenneth Griffin.

Citadel remains one of the most powerful names in the world of hedge funds. This powerful hedge fund is lead by the extremely intelligent Kenneth Griffin. Griffin has guided his company to success, and he has also chosen to give back to the community and to Harvard University.

The College Towns in America are Rated by Scout

The Friendliest College Towns
PR Newswire has reported that Skout has revealed the top 10 United States college towns that have proven to be the friendliest. This global app will ensure that college students all across America have help with meeting new individuals while broadening their social circles. There has recently been a review of 12 months of data. This data includes those students who are within the 18-24 year old age brackets. The goal of viewing this information has been to discover America’s friendliest college towns.

Great Information
Christian Wiklund is the co-founder and the CEO of Scout. You will find that great information has been discovered. Three cheers to the Scouters in Madison, Wisconsin. They made it possible to find out that the friendliest college town in the entire U.S. is Madison, Wisconsin. Madison did make number one on the list of top ten friendliest college town in all of America. This is just the tip of the iceberg when it involves the great information that has been obtained from all the data from received. The data has revealed much more intriguing and fascinating information that will prove useful and beneficial to everyone.

Data Tells All
Scout’s data really does tell all. It has indeed revealed the top ten friendliest college towns in all of America. There is much more information that has also been revealed. It might interest you to know the following:
*If you are wondering where the most generous college-age adults are residing, look no further than Los Angeles

*Looking for the friendliest college-age guys in America? You’ll be surprised to discover that they are in Boulder, Colorado

*Looking for the friendliest college-age women? They are in Madison, Wisconsin
The data has been obtained from the communities and really does tell all. It reveals so much interesting information. Christian Wiklund will claim that viewing the data is a fun experience. The data speaks volumes about a community.

Scout and Scouters
Scout has even conducted another survey that includes 2,500 individuals all across the U.S.. These are people who actually use its app. This information that was obtained included the following:
*it is much easier to make friends in college as opposed to high school
*the top place to meet friends in college is right in the classroom
*college does not really incorporate the idea of cliques. They do not really fit into the overall college lifestyle
*a roommate will prove to make a great friend
*the females on campus have proven to usually be more friendlier than the males on campus
This is a sample of some of the information than has been obtained from the scout and scouters. This is a global app that has much to reveal. You can view the entire article to discover the other friendliest college town in America.

QI Group and Joseph Bismark Recognized by UNGC

Along with QNET which is owned by the QI Group, as part of the United Nation’s Global Compact (UNGC) Network which adopted the initiative in 2015 at the International CSR Summit that took place in Singapore, Joseph Bismark pledged to align all policies with this initiative. This means that Bismark will maintain the business policies that follow ten principles set forth by the UNGC which are heavily vested in protecting human rights, labor, the environment and anti-corruption. Joseph Bismark is the embodiment of trustworthy character. He is leading QI group in their compliance with good business practices for sustaining honesty, truth, and transparency. By setting great examples for other businesses to follow in social success and responsibility QI will excel too as they develop.

The QI pledge means that the Group will set principles into their daily practices to promote sustainability, responsibility, retool and reset previous methods and rules of operation and strategies to focus on the UNGC model for social success. Promotion of corporate accountability will occur to the world rather than only its own bottom line. Joseph Bismark, as the Group’s Managing Director and of the entire QI Umbrella of companies, accepted the certificate that was awarded by Ursula Wynhoven who is the UNGC’s General Counsel and also the Governance and Social Sustainability in Chief.

Joseph Bismark expressed his feelings of honor at this event, “Being a registered member of the UNGC is an honor and a privilege. It very much is in alignment with the QI Group’s commitments to improve its function in areas including human rights, labor rights, the environment and anti-corruption.” In a region of the world where human rights have been in question, it is an encouraging sign to see exemplary activity such as that of Joseph Bismark, for other business leaders to follow.

Bismark added that the goal of these practices is to promote transparency, accountability, and good corporate consciousness throughout the Asia Pacific Rim. He lives by example as he follows Vedic Principles, is a vegetarian, a master of yoga, a bonsai master and martial arts practitioner. As a business leader of a multinational e-Commerce conglomerate with offices in Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Singapore he expects that others will do as he does. He firmly believes in the principle that each of us has the potential to do the extraordinary with the gifts that we have been given.

This article was released through Yahoo Finance

What is Big about Shaygan Kheradpir

The technology businessman Shaygan Kheradpir was born in London, England, raised in Iran, high school educated in Switzerland, and college-educated in the United States. At Cornell University in New York, he earned a B.A., M.A., and Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering. In 1987, Shaygan Kheradpir began his career as a network routing tech for GTE. However, his extreme business savvy and intelligence were soon recognized and from then on he kept on climbing the ladder of management. In 1994, he was promoted to vice president of GTE Labs.

He has changed employers several times but has stayed within a high management position. He had entered the electronics field at exactly the right time in history in which it plays an ever growing role in the workplace. His big climb in the business sector came in 2000 when GTE merged with Bell Atlantic to form Verizon. His work at Verizon would be perhaps his most important work of all from a socially impacting perspective. Kheradpir was part of the founding management team of Verizon Telecom. He would tirelessly help lead the company for the next 11 years. Shaygan Kheradpir served as its Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer. However, the higher management recognized that he would be taking this company places.

Therefore, He was promoted to the management of all the entire global company at Verizon Communications. He served as its Executive Vice President and Chief Information and Technical Officer of Verizon Communications. In this role, Kheradpir helped Verizon blossom into the recognized global leader in telecommunications. It certainly helped that he successfully lowered operating costs by 30 percent. Upon leaving Verizon, he was hired on and served as the first technology executive at Barclays Global Retail Bank in London. He was first hired as its Chief Operating Officer. He was eventually promoted to the executive office.

His official title was Chief Operations and Technology Officer. In addition to overseeing all the technology functions of the bank, in this role Kheradpir also supervised everything related to customer service within the company’s 50 countries of operation. His work here is continuing to save both the bank and its clients billions of dollars a year. He has most recently been the CEO of Juniper Networks. He left Juniper in November 2014 about a year after leaving Barclays. Kheradpir has several other distinctions to his name: sitting on the National Institute of Standards & Technology VCAT advanced technology committee, sitting on the Cornell University Engineering Council, serving as adjunct professor of electrical engineering at Northeastern University, holding several patents, and being named to CIO Magazine’s 2007 Hall of Fame.

Some Economists Think New Economic Data Is Not A Signal For The Feds To Raise Interest Rates

Economists like Christian Broda, the former University of Chicago economics professor, think the Federal Reserve has the ammunition they need to raise interest rates. The reason that the Feds haven’t raised rates, according to Broda of chicagobooth and other economists is, the two conditions they set for an interest raise hike had not been met. But that just changed. The new unemployment report showing a drop in the unemployment rate, and that fulfills all the Feds preconditions for a rate hike. The other condition was the acceleration of the inflation rate to 2%. That condition has been in place. The only hope that the Reserve Board won’t make a move to raise rates is changes in the global market, according to Broda.

The global market is very volatile at the moment. The market is in an up and down mode, and that mode seems to change daily. If the market swing continues, and Broda and other economist think it will, then that could trump the other Federal Reserve mandates. The Feds always want to calm market fears and the market is full of fears at this particular time.

Broda said the current economic data indicates that the economy is in pretty good shape. The GDP has increased almost 3 percent in the last year, but Broda points out that increase is mostly due to the shale oil industry. The job market has increased more than 199,000 jobs every month for the last five years, and that is a healthy sign. So is the fact that auto sales are up, and business investments are growing, plus new construction is booming. The consumer-price index is increasing, and oil prices going to continue to go up in spite of the recent drop in crude oil prices. So the measurements the Feds use to raise rates are almost in alignment.

But most economists, including Christian Broda, think the Feds should not raise interest rates unless their four conditions of real economic health are met. Those conditions include consistent economic growth, a sign that prices are increasing, a job growth rate of 250,000 a month and less slack in the labor market.

Investing With Professionals


Investing is one of the best ways for people to reach their financial goals. There are many people that do not understand the basic principles of investing. This is where professional investment firms can come in and provide a lot of value. One of the best examples of this is Highland Capital. Highland Capital is a company that has been in business for many years and helped thousands of clients. James Dondero founded the company with a vision to help as many people as possible with their finances and investing on Here are several ways that investing with professionals can help the average person reach their financial goals.

Clarity of Planning

Perhaps the most difficult part of investing is getting a plan in place and executing it. The good news for most people is that it really does not take as much money invested per month as they think to reach their financial goals. The real keys are to start early and stay consistent with the behavior of investing. In down markets, many people want to pull all of their money out for fear of losing it. However, an investment adviser can be there to counsel people on how to manage their money in times of market turmoil.

Financial Help

Another great aspect of working with a company like Highland Capital is financial planning help. A lot of people have other financial issues outside of their investing world. In fact, the best thing for many people to do first is to pay off a lot of debt that has a high rate of interest. Highland Capital is great at helping people get everything in order for their finances before investing. This is one of the reasons that they are so highly rated by customers.

James Dondero

James Dondero is the founder and CEO of Highland Capital. James Dondero always had a dream to found a company that was designed to help other people with their money situation. After many years of being in business, Highland Capital is one of the best investment firms in the business today. Thousands of clients have had a great experience with the firm with both their investing and financial planning advice.

Final Thoughts

Overall, there are some areas of life where it is best to work with a professional. Many people do not have a lot of background knowledge of investing, so using a professional money manager to get some advice in this area is a smart move. Highland Capital was founded by James Dondero and has been helping clients with investing advice for many years. Highland Capital has services ranging from investment advice to financial planning.

The People Love James Dondero

In terms of investment banking, Highland Capital Management has managed to create an open and honest atmosphere through their simple, yet effective business model. The company’s motto charges their associates to be “Bold. Disciplined. And experienced.” The men and women of the firm have spent their time doing just that. Highland Capital Management has an amazing reputation in terms of their customer service and their customer reviews. Thanks to those customers and their fantastic experiences, Highland Capital Management has been honored with a large list of business awards in their field. The team currently has more than 21 billion dollars being circulated in the different assets that they manage. Prominent business journals have credited Highland Capital Management with being the most experienced company amongst a rather competitive field. Though the firm may be small, the company offers a wide list of options for clients who want to use their services. Whether those services be: CLOs, also known as collateralized loan obligations, credit hedge funds, distressed situation with private equity, special situations with private equity, credit strategies, separate accounts, and long-only funds. Highland Capital Management has spent years perfecting their technique in the mentioned fields. In terms of their specialty and alternative practices, Highland Capital Management has done a fantastic job excelling at those as well. Short term equities, long term equities, emerging markets, and natural resources are among the many alternative practices. The list of clients that Highland Capital Management caters to on the daily basis is extensive. The client list includes: financial institutions, governments, high net worth individuals, foundations, non-profit funds, endowments, public pension plans, and most importantly, corporations. Highland Capital Management can proudly boast such a wide clientele thanks to one man, his business partner, and their dream to improve upon the world of investment banking and management.

James Dondero of insidermonkey is currently serving as the Highland Capital Management Corporation’s president. Dondero is in charge of making sure that the daily processes of Highland Capital Management are kept in order as well as making sure that clients are taken care of. Dondero founded the Highland Capital Management firm with Mark Okada, his longtime business partner. Okada and Dondero both have an extensive history in the field of investment management. Dondero’s experience dates back to his start in the field more than 30 years ago. Protective Life’s GIC subsidiary was where Dondero worked before starting the Highland Capital Management company. During that time, Dondero helped the company gain more than 2 billion dollars during his time there. During those years, Dondero was the only client to manage as many projects at one time. After sometime at Protective Life’s GIC subsidiary, Dondero transferred over to American Express, the popular and innovative credit card company. After realizing how natural it was for him to excel in the field, Dondero wasted no time in making plans to start his own business. That’s when Highland Capital Management was founded. Dondero has spent years making a name for himself, his colleagues, his company, and the investment field as a whole. The positive customer reviews that heavily influence James Dondero’s personal website prove that this business man is a man of the people.

Tips on Becoming a Successful Businesswoman

With the ongoing news of gender inequality and lack of enough women at boardroom level, it is apparent that there are hurdles that many businesswomen must be ready overcome so as to join the list of successful businesswomen. I have realized that being a woman cannot hold women back or alter their chance of success as being a successful businesswoman apparently boils down to personality.

I have observed that all successful women are confident. Confidence appears to help them win people’s respect and build a profitable business. Female aviator, Beryl Markham, wants women to appreciate that they have all that it takes to be successful businesspersons. In her book, Success Breeds Confidence, she warns women against carrying themselves around as inferior beings as this reduces their chances of demonstrating effective leadership.

Successful business women also have strong sense of purpose. Any woman who envisions to succeed in business must believe that they are destined for great things. Oprah Winfrey was determined to make a difference, and she did, despite having experienced a rocky start in life. A businesswoman must only believe in herself and what she is doing, and the strong sense of purpose will be reflected in her business.

When we observe the life of great businesswomen, we also see that they truly believe in themselves. Self-belief is a trait that plays a central role in the life and career of businesswomen. In the words of Susan McGalla, she is successful partly because she has always been equally comfortable with men and women and do not fear to work with any of them. When bizjournals‘ Susan McGalla joined American Eagle Outfitters, the company was a predominantly male company. Through hard work and determination, she excelled there, and that was responsible for a culture change that has led to the creation of many opportunities for women. Susan rose to become the president and chief merchandising officer of the once predominately male company. Her success has a lot to do with her belief that she has all that it takes to be a competent leader.

Apart from self-concept, successful businesswomen are always passionate about the things they are doing as well. They create businesses around things that they enjoy. Anita Roddick and Oprah Winfrey built a career around their passion. Roddick was passionate about social activism, and she created a company that was the first to disallow the usage of product tested on animals. Winfrey, on the other hand, had a difficult childhood and has built a successful career around her passion for helping others.

Hard works crown all these traits. People can have the talents, abilities, intelligence, connections, and everything else but fail to become successful businesswomen if they are lazy. Singer Marsha once said that hard work is the true enduring trait of successful people. The recipe of going to the top is clearly hard work because without putting in adequate effort to make something better, no transformation can come by. Money is a reward that is gotten after solving the problem of another person, so the more problems a person solves, the more money they receive.

Women in Business – Determined and Gaining

Margaret Thatcher said, “If you want anything said, ask a man, if you want something done, ask a woman.” Why are women most likely to “get it done?” Some believe it is female instinct to see a need and busy to meet it; such as in and around the family circle. Some say it is a woman’s desire to gain over-due recognition for her knowledge and abilities. Still others believe her drive springs from a personal, inner race to prove her worth whether anyone notices or not.

Women make up just over half of the US population on They conduct over 80 percent of US consumer spending and earn well over 60 percent of all Master’s Degrees. They make up 47 percent of our labor force, where they help broaden vision, with their unique perspectives as females, as well as their own individuality. Still their struggle to make solid gains in the business world is clearly under-scored by the fact that less than 9 percent occupy positions in top management.

According to Women In Consulting (WIC), women are also less likely to become entrepreneurs. They face challenges such as lack of mentors, less start up capitol than their male counterparts and multiple gender barriers. However, WIC and other female consulting firms are determined to reset the statistics. They believe women should be given the tools to identify their strengths and weaknesses, guidance that points to well-defined goals and opportunities to specialize.

Susan MaGalla, founder of P3 Executive Consulting, LLC and current Director of Strategic Planning and Growth for the Pittsburgh Steelers, says women need straight answers that cut through the generalities. As former President and CMO of American Eagle Outfitters, Inc. and CEO of The Wet Seal, Inc., MaGalla has gained an inside look into the world at the top for the American businesswoman. She believes gender should not factor into success and encourages women to work hard, network, make good decisions and move forward as autonomous, without regard to gender.

The American businesswoman is working hard to make her presence known and permanent. Her slow but steady growth continues to ensure both. Health-care, social and educational assistance and retail and wholesale trade continue to give the best showing of her strength. Although current statistics seem lagging, women guiding women into the world of business is out to change the numbers. Just getting there is getting something done, but that is only her beginning!