Defector Calls Life Outside North Korea “A Heaven”

“Life outside of North Korea is heaven. It is a paradise,” Yeonmi Park told The Guardian. “There are so many things that exist here that we don’t even have words for in North Korea. They simply do not exist there.”

According to Yeonmi, life in the “Hermit Country” is as dismal and bleak as many stories would have the world believe. As a young child, Yeonmi was often told to keep her thoughts and emotions a secret.

“My mother told me that the birds could hear me,” Yeonmi continued on The Guardian. “They could see and hear all. I thought that the regime could hear everything, even my thoughts.”

Yeonmi’s parents were among the many that turned to smuggling contraband when famine ravaged the country during the 90s. The items sold and traded were items that most living in the western world take for granted. Yeonmi’s father was arrested for smuggling precious metals. Yeonmi, her sister, and mother, were left to starve without her father’s income. Mrs. Park made the decision to relocate the family to China.

Mrs. Park paid smugglers to guide them to China. Sixteen-year-old Eunmi grew impatient and left before her mother and sister. It would be many years before they would see each other again.

The smugglers guided Yeonmi and Mrs. Park through darkened forests, mountains, and across the partially-frozen Yalu River. The horrors, however, did not end at the country’s borders. When they reached China, the smugglers knew that they were at an advantage. They raped Mrs. Park. She and young Yeonmi were both sold into slavery.

Yeonmi and her mother never lost hope. When they were freed two years later, they made their way to South Korea. It was there that Yeonmi discovered democracy and the true meaning of freedom.

“There is so much food,” Yeonmi said. “I didn’t understand the concept of freedom then. My father died not knowing this sort of democracy could even exist.”

Yeonmi took advantage of her newly found freedom to better her situation. She enrolled in criminal justice studies at a nearby university. She wrote a memoir of her harrowing journey. Yeonmi now spends her time speaking on youngvoicesadvocates about life in North Korea and the human-rights violations that take place there on a daily basis.



Raise Social Justice Awareness By Joining The Human Rights Foundation

Fighting for civil rights and liberties did not end when all schools were finally desegregated or when African Americans were able to vote without being forced to go through bureaucratic loop holes. Although a great number of battles have been won the war for civil rights rages on. Since there continues to be racial injustices or religious prejudices the work towards a hate free society must continue.

The Human Rights Foundation is non partisan, non profit, and most importantly non violent. They wish to ensure freedom to every human being around the world in any country and apart of any race or any gender. Their most thorough way of achieving freedom is by providing education about what a free society actually is, why it matters, and how we can pursue it.
Their biggest goal is promoting freedom and tolerance in troubled parts of the world. This is done by starting advocacy campaigns to free political prisoners or to end violence against women in Pakistan. Other programs that promote this ideology involve exposing dictatorships and providing outreach centers in third world countries.

Thor Halvorssen is the founder and creator of the Human Rights Foundation. He started the foundation in 2005 but this was not his first time standing up as an advocate for human rights. He was first introduced to the fight for human rights in 1989 when he organized an opposition against South African apartheid. His understanding and fervor for human rights goes deeper than that. In 1993, Halvorssen’s father was falsely imprisoned in a Venezuelan jail. His father was tortured and beaten within inches of his life while in prison. His father’s case was not even heard of until human rights advocates demanded his release.

In August 2004, a year before starting the Human Rights Foundation, Halvorssen’s mother was gunned down in Venezuela while attending a peaceful public gathering. The terrible ordeal that left twelve wounded and one dead was broadcast on live television. Despite these horrific situations, Thor Halvorssen is still a firm human rights activist. He feels his personal situations have helped, if not increased, his strong stance on helping others around the world achieve freedom and the human rights they deserve.

How Creating a Wikipedia Page Can Transform Your Company

Wikipedia has been a site that’s been on the web for years and is a go-to source of information for millions of people all over the world. You probably used Wikipedia in the past or still use it to this day. What you might not realize is that Wikipedia can also be used to market a company like the one that you have created. Marketing is a very important tool for business owners and Wikipedia helps to take the work out of the Internet advertising strategy for you. Unfortunately, it can sometimes be quite difficult to create a Wikipedia page that is formatted properly and is going to be published for the world to see. In this case, hiring Wikipedia writers can help you with this important task.

A site and company known as Get Your Wiki has been helping business owners create their own Wikipedia pages for years. Their skillful Wikipedia writers work diligently on a variety of pages and help business owners to see the potential that can come when they have a page on Wikipedia that thousands of people will see each and every day. Taking the work out of the Wikipedia business page creation for the business owner is Get Your Wiki’s job. This is why a ton of companies are utilizing their services for themselves and ensuring that they are satisfied with the finished result.

For so many people, they assume that they can just go and create a page on the Wikipedia site without fail. There are a ton of myths and facts revolving around the Wikipedia page that many business owners might not know about themselves until they go and try it for themselves. One myth, for example, is that Wikipedia is an easy site to work with when it comes to creating a page. Sure, you can create your very own page, but it need to follow specific guidelines in order to get published on the web. If this is not followed, your Wikipedia page will not be seen by those looking it up on the Internet. There is nothing better than knowing that you have a site there to be used by people who want to learn more about your company and that there is a team of writers who are going to be more than willing to help create this page for you. Wikipedia is a wonderful marketing tool for those owning their own business.

Music Can Offer a Ray of Hope for Autism

It’s often hard to keep track of all of the medical conditions in the world. To many people it can seem like there’s new medical conditions being discovered every day. But in reality this often has more to do with people realizing that something can and needs to be done about them. This is one of the most important aspects of awareness campaigns. They bring widespread conditions which are otherwise hidden from the public into people’s attention. And in doing so they open the way for larger charitable endeavors. But this will, of course, bring up one very important question. Just how are these larger scale efforts taken from conception to reality? A man by the name of Sanjay Shah has part of the answer. Or it might be better said to state that he has a huge portion of the answer to autism research.

The reasons behind this can be seen by looking at Sanjay’s background. He’s one of those rare individuals who might well be labeled as an iconoclast. Most people are content to sit under a single definition as they go through life. But Sanjay has never been one to let labels limit what he’ll do in life. As such he’s known in quite a few different ways by quite a few different people. In the world of high rise towers and power suits he’s known as the president and CEO of Solo Capital. But part of those responsibilities has had him act as liaison to any number of talents in modern pop culture. But above all else Sanjay is a father and family man. He’s someone who not only takes care of his family, but one who loves every single moment of it. To understand Sanjay is to understand how all of these things can converge into something amazing. And that amazing thing is a charity called Autism Rocks.

Autism Rocks is a combination of Sanjay’s professional and private life. It’s the result of his business contacts and the fact that he has a beloved son who just so happens to be autistic. And this means that one day he was struck by something really amazing. He realized that he was constantly talking to people who had the ability to change the world in positive ways. And he, thanks to his son, had an idea of where this positive change could be applied. And in almost no time at all Sanjay had created Autism Rocks. The charity sends out rock stars to play in private concerts to raise funds for autism research. Though this is autism research with a difference. It’s centered around the idea of understanding. It aims to bring people with autism together with people who want to understand them. And all of that thanks to amazing music.

Premium Dog Food Market is Growing

The premium dog food market is exploding despite higher costs for dog owners. Many dog owners are rationalizing the increased price in the dog food that they are purchasing as they increasingly are seeing their dogs as being part of their family and they want to treat these dogs better than they ever have before. 

Dog food manufacturers are increasingly entering this market in different ways hoping to capture the attention of customers. Freshpet is trying out a new refrigerated dog food that doesn’t have the off odor of traditional dog foods. Since it consists of higher quality ingredients on and lacks the preservatives that traditional dog foods have many believe that this food is healthier for their pets. To sell it they have proprietary refrigerators located in their distributors locations which cost a pretty penny. These costs are passed on to customers who pay twice as much for these products.

Nestle Purina, through their brand Beneful, have icnrased offerings to dogs on the fringe of the market. Elderly dogs who have specialty dietary needs are led to a dog food that contain medium-chain triglycerides. These medium-chain triglycerides are derived from coconut oil and are believed to be easier to digest than other fats that in dog foods. This specialty of Beneful focus provides their customers with premium offerings for those who are seeking better quality products to give their dogs as they get older.

That isn’t the only way Beneful on youtube has entered the premium dog food market. Their parent company has acquired Merrick Pet Care who was one of the first certified organic dog food providers. Beneful is incorporating some of these high quality organic foods into their already healthy and nutritious line and giving customers more premium products for which their dogs can feast on.

The premium market is doing wonders for the quality of products that dogs are receiving and despite the higher cost of these premium dog food products owners are likely to benefit through lower vet costs, and happier and healthy dogs even through their old age. This added cost for these premium products is likely to more than pay for itself.

Darius Fisher is One of 50 Very Innovative Digital Marketers

Due to his tireless work at Status Labs, Darius Fisher was named on PRWeek’s Innovation 50 list. The Innovation 50 list is an annual hall of fame for people who have displayed great innovation in the world of digital marketing. Fisher’s tenure as the president and co-founder of Status Labs definitely can be described as innovative.

Status Labs has caught the attention of the media and in a good way. Status Labs and the company’s president are available to help people on the other side of the coin – individuals who caught the attention of the media in a not-so-good way. Specifically, the new media has a powerful home on the internet and bad reviews, unflattering social networking trends, and character-shattering news reports all have the potential to devastate personal and professional relationships.

Since the news travels so fast thanks to the internet, more and more venues exist to harm a reputation.

Reputations can be harmed in a lot of ways. Traditional bad reviews can harm a business. Newer ways of giving a company a bad review add more clutter to the mix. Creating a video and placing it on Vimeo or YouTube that spreads a bad review or negative news now becomes one more digital marketing problem to address. Addressing the situation without on one’s own is an ill-advised strategy. Working with an established and successful reputation management firm is a far better plan.

Darius Fisher has publicly noted in interviews and at speaking engagements that any material that finds its way to the Google search engine results is going to stay there until it is replaced. Bad reviews that fill the first page of Google have no reason to go anywhere unless new content is produced and becomes the focus of a better search engine optimization campaign.

Expert professionals are the ones who should be handling tasks like these. Experts understand the volume, approach, and strategy necessary to address “negatively stacked” Google results page.

Darius Fisher is one of those crisis experts. As a former copywriter and political consultant, Fisher realizes that effective branding and public relations work is critical to anyone whose online reputation has been wrecked. The PRWeek award is a deserved and earned one.

Billionaire George Soros Criticizes Donald Trump and Ted Cruz


An article on the MarketWatch website describes how George Soros, the ultra-rich investor known for backing liberal causes, has been criticizing Republican U.S. presidential candidates Donald Trump and Ted Cruz in the media for their harsh rhetoric towards Muslims. Soros wrote an opinion piece recently for the Guardian Newspaper where he explains at length why he feels Trump is going too far in his calls for a halt to the immigration to the United States of people from Muslim countries, and why he thinks Cruz should not be criticizing the President for refusing to associate terrorism more closely with Islam in his speech.

Soros says that the strength of ISIS is ebbing, and that they aren’t the threat that Trump and Cruz make them out to be, at least not for voters in the United States. Rather, Soros, feels, Trump and Cruz are using them to whip up anti-Islamic hysteria for the sake of getting votes for themselves. Soros also believes that the two Republicans are lumping ordinary, decent Muslims in with violent Islamic terrorists in their speeches about national security issues.

Furthermore, Soros feels that Trump and Cruz are not making a distinction between Islamic terrorists and law-abiding Muslims and are painting all Muslims with the same brush. This, he believes, will only serve to alienate young Muslims around the world from the ideals of democracy and turn more of them onto a path towards radical Islam.

Soros says, in essence, that a goal of Islamic terrorists when they attack western targets is to make non-Muslim Americans and Europeans hate and fear ALL Muslims, even those in their own country, and consequently turn more moderate Muslims towards extremism. Trump and Cruz, he believes, are playing right into their hands.

Soros criticizing Trump and Cruz is not surprising since he has a long history of supporting Democratic causes. He acknowledges, however, that it’s tempting to give in to their rhetoric, calling it a “siren song” that must be resisted. When he listens to Trump and Cruz and notes their popularity among large segments of the U.S. population, he is concerned that terrorists are succeeding in their goal of making the country think and act irrationally.

Additionally, he admits that he doesn’t know the best ways to fight terrorism or solve the Syrian refugee crisis, but that attacking all Muslims because of the actions of extremists is a mistake since it gives terrorists what they want. Basically, he is calling for a more level-headed approach to the problems associated with the current instability in the Middle East and the recent terrorist attacks in Paris and California.

Majeed Ekbal Raising Funds For Nepal Earthquake Disaster Relief

April 25, 2015 Gorkha Earthquake shook Nepal. With triggered avalanches on Mount Everest and in Lang tang Valley, Gorkha was named the worst natural disaster to strike Nepal since the 1934 Nepal Bihar Earthquake. The affects were felt in India, China, and Bangladesh leaving 8,964 dead and 21,952 injured causing $5 million in damages. When they thought it was over another earthquake hit Nepal being called a horrible aftershock of the Gorkha. This horrific disaster left thousands of innocent people homeless, sick, and hungry. This is the reason Majeed Ekbal is helping the relief efforts for the Nepal earthquakes.
Majeed Ekbal has started a Go Fund me page. His goal is to raise $10 thousand to send to the Crowdrise Campaign to help reach their goal of $1 Million. All proceeds will go to the medical and disaster relief efforts. Majeed Ekbal has been an independent humanitarian for 5 years now and going strong. He has a passion for helping people in any way that he can. He has been able to do so not only locally, but nationally and internationally as well. One of his focuses has been to create help and means for women and children who have been denied education. To help women feel empowered and realize there true potential.

Clay Sculptures by Majeed Ekbal from Majeed Ekbal on Vimeo.

Mr. Ekbal’s main goal for his life is to help as many people as possible in any way he can, big or small. He has recently become the new president of Expresso Inc. An upcoming business that gives shoppers the convenience to do all there grocery shopping online and have it delivered fresh right to you for a very small and reasonable price. Whether it be day to day food items or specialty foods from gourmet shops, Expresso will deliver. Mr. Ekbal is planning to extend his services to further areas soon.
Small grocery needs or natural disaster, Majeed Ekbal wants a part in helping. So be a part of the help and go donate at the Go Fund Me link above and be a part of something greater with a person you can trust.

900 percent revenue growth in 3 years – Find out which company

Status Labs is an online reputation, marketing, and crisis response management firm that has hit its stride. The firm, which is based in the US, boasts more than 1,500 clients in over 35 countries. Among those acclaiming Status Labs excellent reputation are CEOs, Fortune 100 brands, politicians, and athletes. Status Labs has offices in Austin, New York, and Sao Paulo and has drawn much positive attention. World Report, US News, and Yahoo! are among the media outlets that have featured Status Labs.

Demand for Status Labs services is increasing as more and more recognize the undeniable necessity of online reputation management and digital marketing. Status Labs is expanding to meet the demand. In 2015 alone Status Labs has realized a 12 percent increase in its workforce. This increase helped them to represent 160 new clients. Their corporate impact can now be seen in the tech, healthcare, and even the cosmetic industries. This past year Status Labs also expanded their philanthropic representation. The company experienced a 39 percent increase of revenues in 2015 and has realized over 900 percent growth in revenues since its founding.

Status Labs impressive growth could greatly be attributed to the leadership of co-founder and president Darius Fisher. Fisher used his pervious experience working as a political consultant and copywriter to guide his company to success. His focus since Status Labs initial success has been securing new partnerships, attracting fresh domestic and international talent, and implementing a culture of success. Fisher and his teams dedication to acquiring new clients and retaining long-term patrons has led to a stellar 2015. This year continued expansion at Status Labs headquarters and in New York City throughout the first quarter could lead to an equally remarkable 2016.

Status Labs 900 percent growth is not an anomaly. Darius Fisher and his teams dedication to offering their customers the best online reputation management services has been returned exponentially. Responsiveness to new customers needs and attentiveness to existing customers changing needs has led to Status Labs remarkable success. For 2016 things are looking up.

Best YouTubers To Watch Online

YouTubers are always some of the funniest people to watch. It’s inspiring to be able to watch people form across the globe share their passions in life and talk about their most favorite topics. The truth is that countless people are using this site to connect with others, and sometimes it can be tough to know who to watch on the site with so many available options.

One of the best YouTubers you need to start watching is Superwoman. He is so famous and successful, and she even earned more than $2+ million dollars from her YouTube account in 2014. She is such a huge success in this industry, and with her comedy skills and funny antics, she definitely knows what her biggest fans want to see. Aging recently flown to Los Angeles in pursuit of trying to grow her brand and collaborate with more people, she definitely knows which direction she is headed into.

Another great YouTuber you have to watch is Wengie. She is a talented makeup guru with a strong focus on skin care regimens and general makeup. Wengie definitely knows what she is doing when she posts more of her videos. With her account, she has grown her fan base to hundreds upon thousands of subscribers. YouTubers are always fun to watch because of the personal connection they build with their fan bases.

YouTubers are known for connecting with their readers so well. The most successful people on YouTube are known for having kind and authentic personalities that help them connect with people easier. It is not easy at all to become a person on this video sharing site. Dealing with hate comments, responding to comments, and also posting consistently is not an easy task, and it can take awhile before you grow successfully and make good money from the site.

For both Wengie and Superwoman, they took their time and do everything they have to do on a daily basis. They both strive to give fans the best content possible. Their constant development in content makes them YouTubers who want to continue the growth in what they can offer. The key to staying updated with your favorite YouTubers is to simply work hard on keeping up with their other social media platforms. Taking the time to follow their Twitter and Facebook accounts can help you stay in touch with them and also connect with them much easier.