Harry Potter Type Books For Fantasy Reader Fans!


Are you a Harry Potter fan? Chances are you like fantasy books, however, this does not mean you like all of them. You like stories that could almost be true, or perhaps you think there really are witches out there. Harry Potter books are full of taking daring chances, and wild adventures. A fantasy reader likes to get lost in a book. Sometimes it’s great to just start reading and forget all about what is going on outside of the book. Harry Potter fans are of all ages, from preteen, teen, young adult, and even middle aged people. The funny thing is that there is not generation gap when it comes to fantasy reading. Everyone who has ever read the books, then went on to watch the movies can share thoughts with each other, about what can happen next.

I have a Harry Potter theory that fans probably would like Chronicles of the Narnia, Percy Jackson and the Olympians series, Lord of the Rings, Fantastic Beasts and Where to find them, and more. There is nothing wrong with reading fantasy books, it takes your mind off every day hassles in life. It is a stress relief option, and leads one to wanting more adventure in their life. So, Harry Potter fans, unite, and enjoy life.  Some of these practically qualify as books like Game of Thrones too, for the young adult looking for that fantasy flavor.

Bruce Levenson Brings Philanthropy To As Many Students As Possible

In 2015, Bruce Levenson completed the sale of Atlanta Hawks NBA franchise to the billionaire technology executive Tony Ressler for an estimated $850 million; the success and major profit obtained by the founder of UCG by the sale Hawks sale is not the major subject Levenson wishes to be known for, says ESPN, instead he has been working towards creating a lasting legacy at the University of Maryland. Levenson remains a major figure in his home areas of Washington D.C. and in the state of Maryland where his “Do Good Institute” is located at the University of Maryland.

The “Do God Institute” was the brainchild of Bruce Levenson and wife Karen who have been working throughout the life of the school to raise the $75 million needed to establish the institute on the campus of the college. Among the impressive aspects of the establishment of the “Do Good Institute” has been the fast growth of the school that began offering a single course named “Philanthropy 101” that allowed students to provide $10,000 of funding to good causes of their choice; this initial success has continued with a major now offered in philanthropy and not for profit leadership. http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/undergrads-and-graduate-students-mastering-philanthropy-300038081.html

Bruce Levenson is probably best known to those outside the business world as the former owner of the Atlanta Hawks where he played a major role in pushing forward the cause of philanthropy within the NBA. Among the causes Levenson backed during his time at the Hawks was the U.S. Holocaust Museum that Bruce not only provided funding for, but also included a trip to the site taken by Levenson and members of the playing and administrative staff of the franchise; once again Bruce Levenson realized the Hawks players could play an integral role in making sure people of all ages were reminded of the issue of the Holocaust and discrimination in all its forms.

Source: brucelevenson.com

Capital Group Chairman And Chief Executive Officer

The investor known as Warren Buffet recently made a bet that he can get better returns than the most notable hedge fund managers. With his knowledge and experience, it is very likely that Buffett will easily prove himself as an investment expert again. One of the reasons why Buffett will likely win his bet is because most hedge funds are of average at best quality as well as being very expensive.

Therefore a number of investors cannot benefit from these particular investment options. Due to the quality of hedge funds, the average investor will need to seek out other options in order to improve their financial situation. Part of what has made Warren Buffett very successful at investing is his approach to building a portfolio of successful companies that provide good returns. By following Buffett’s strategy, many investors will be able to fund their own retirement.

Timothy Armour is a successful financial executive who currently works at the firm Capital Group in Los Angeles, California. He has spent 34 years working in the finance and investment field. With his experience, he has been able to develop a considerable amount of expertise when it comes to managing investment accounts. Tim currently holds some notable positions such as Chairman and officer of Capital Research and Management Company and also as chief executive officer of the Capital Group. In the year 2016, Tim was named the firm’s chief executive officer.

During Tim’s career he worked as an associate and as an analyst. These positions allowed him to get experience evaluating financial securities. He completed a bachelor’s degree in economics from Middlebury College. With this degree program, he was able to gain knowledge of the financial markets as well as the nature of the economy. This allowed him to get valuable credentials to start his career.

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Jeffry Schneider Is The CEO of Ascendant Who Avidly Supports Education

Ascendant Capital, LLC CEO and founder, Jeffry Schneider, is the amazing man behind the popular boutique investment firm. With more than 24 years of experience in the financial services, he is pushing ahead into a new age of investing with a drive that is unlike any other entrepreneur in his field. He has pushed his team to earn over $1 billion in just five years and is looking forward as he expects his team to raise $50 million a month over the next twelve months. The more than fifty broker dealers, 250 investment advisors, and countless family offices that Ascendant works with are very content with the profits they have earned through a cooperation that they hope to continue.Visit his Facebook profile: Click here.

Earlier in life, Jeffry Schneider earned his Bachelor’s degree in science at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. As an avid supporter of education, he supports charitable causes that aim to help poor and disadvantaged children receive the education they need to succeed in life. His donations to the Cherokee Home for Children have helped countless kids who suffer from abuse and neglect receive the shelter, counseling, and education they need. The organization boasts a school that takes the children from kindergarten through high school and then gives them the option to attend the college of their choosing. Jeffry also donates to Wonders and Worries, which helps the children of parents who are suffering through illness to continue their life and not lose focus of their education.

Jeffry has worked for a spread of top-notch firms in his past including Paine Webber, Smith Barney, Merrill Lynch, Alex Brown, and many more. He attributes a lot of his knowledge about the alternative investment field to these early job experiences, and appreciates everyone who helped him along his way to greater success. He also worked as a part of the management team for Axiom Capital Management, where he built close relationships with hedge fund managers in order to best match them with the appropriate clientele of the firm.Jeffry Schneider lives in Austin, Texas with his wife and three children. He aspires to show his kids the ropes of life and knows that he will continue to provide as much as possible for his family.