Adam Milstein Sets Himself As An Advocate For Jewish People

Adam Milstein understands the needs of his Jewish people. Therefore, he makes sure that he is not only an advocate, but a very effective advocate. He makes sure that he has a lot of options for the Jewish people so that they can make a lot of progress to their goals. One thing that he sees is a need for people to come together and build themselves. Adam Milstein provides that not only through the foundations that he put together, but his example as a successful businessman. For one thing, he has passion, he has goals and he has compassion.


Adam Milstein is especially someone to follow for an example because he pursues what he is passionate about. At the same time, he makes sure that he is enjoying his journey. This is one of the reasons that he is one of the most influential Jewish people in today’s age. He does not wait until things get better to be joyful. He keeps track of his vision and allows that to motivate him. He has gone on interviews and has spoken for people. Therefore, he is highly visible as a leader in the Jewish community. He is also prominent because of all of the assistance he provides people in the community.


Adam Milstein is a successful real estate investor. He has shown a lot of understanding of the market. For one thing, he knows how to manage his finances so that he can profit off of the market. He uses the profits he has earned to provide for the Jewish community throughout the world. He is very active in making sure that Jewish people have something that cold help them with their growth and other aspects of their lives. Adam Milstein has definitely made a name for himself and has shown himself to be very happy with the work he does in the community.



Eva Moskowitz- The Woman behind Success Academy

Eva Moskowitz is the founder and CEO of success Academy. In addition to this, she simultaneously worked with the Harlem Education Fair while running the Great Public Schools PAC. Having earned a PHD in history, she helped write mission impossible with Arin Lavinia.

Her main focus being the privatization of public education, Eva Moskowitz opted to run for New York City Council in hopes of improving ineffective public schools. She built a reputation as the brave advocate for responsibility and higher standards. Eva Moskowitz eventually reached her tipping point and showing a better alternative.


When she founded her initial Success Academy, it was just a kindergarten and first grade affair. It has rapidly grown to be the largest charter group in the city. Covering a significantly large portion from South Bronx to Bedford-Stuyvesant, the institution has approximately 9,500 students in 24 elementary schools, 7 middle schools and a recently opened High school. The institution mostly bares students from the minority who happen to be poor enough to qualify for federally subsidized lunch.


Eva Moskowitz believes that for children to succeed academically, they require effective, strong guidance from teachers along with a sturdy curriculum to help bring out excellence. She adds that students need assurance that the adults around them have high expectations for them and believe they can succeed academically.


Unlike most institutions, at Success Academy losing recess is never a form of punishment. Eva Moskowitz is a big believer in recess. They do recess throughout eighth grade and she is convinced that kids should never go without multiple recesses a day. She adds that the younger the kid the more frequent the recess should be.


Eva Moskowitz also believes that there is a big rate of intellectual underestimation of the young. She adds that in order to have students reach their full potential, we have to stop underestimating their intellect.. Success Academies believes in the graphic presentation of sentences. They consider it helpful for students to know where they made a mistake.


Wengie’s Wonderful Must-See Traveling Tips For Maintaining a Radiant Complexion

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YouTube’s popular beauty expert from Australia has wonderful traveling tips to keep your complexion in top shape. Wengie loves visiting new lands and new cultures, but she also knows to pack smart, so that her face maintains its even balance and radiance in different climates.


Wengie suggests starting out with the ideal beauty pouch, one with plenty of compartments to separate skin care items from makeup items. She also likes a pouch with a hook, so you can hang it in your hotel room where adequate space might not be available.


Wengie believes in packing lots of beauty products, even more than clothing, because her complexion comes first. She also includes moisturizing masks on her travels, because airplanes and air conditioners can render complexions dry.


Wengie also puts together skin care baggies for travel. She’s obsessed with SK-II Essence, because it absorbs easily and delivers a bouncy tone for dry skin. Also, a light textured sun screen is perfect to put on under foundation and on the lips, because when one travels, they are constantly exposed to the strong sun’s rays.


She also advises toting along a foundation in a powder consistency to apply with a powder cushion. Wengie then puts on a shine-free blotting powder to keep skin looking matte, especially on the T-zone.


Wengie adores a brow pencil by Maybelline, because it’s cheap and works well like Anastasia’s more expensive brand. Then she would add brow mascara to set the brows and keep them looking fresh.


Wengie adores the Balm Travel palette that offers great makeup options for shadows, bronzers and blushes. She uses her finger to apply shadow, instead of lugging along cosmetics tools. The best trick for a subtle cat eye comes from using a Love Liner Pen , by drawing a very thin line. Apieu Lavender Cheek Blush is another travel item Wengie brings, along with a Peach Apieu Lip Tint and a lip balm over that.


Wengie can apply all those proucts in a 15-minute beauty routine.

What Will Eric Pulier Do Next?

Eric Pulier is one of the most prominent people in the industry. As a matter of fact, he has worked hard to activate the better business deals in the technology industry. Eric Pulier is also one of the most prominent columnists and serial entrepreneurs in the United States. For you to activate better business deals, you need to engage the public with your fair deals to amass massive deals on a massive scale. Eric Pulier is also a published author who works with automated philanthropy to enable you to get better animation deals. Eric Pulier has also used his influence to raise millions of dollars to aid the business ventures he founded in the country.


Eric Pulier has founded more than 15 companies and small businesses in the country. For all those years of professional experience, Eric Pulier has worked to uphold the good business practices in the country. Also, Eric Pulier has invested in numerous venture capital companies and funds in the frequent sides of partnering with other businesses. Eric Pulier has also invested in the venture business capabilities and charitable organizations. Eric Pulier is an active investor and in the media technology and seed –level startups. Most of these investments have gone to capital intensive capabilities in a way that is not paralleled in the industry.


Eric Pulier is a father of four. He is also based in Los Angeles. He is also a board member of the Painter Turtle Company based in the United States. In the recent past, Eric Pulier was also appointed as a board member of the XPrize Foundation in the country.


Eric Pulier is a multi-faceted serial entrepreneur. He has also worked hard to bring a positive impact in the world concerning technology and charitable giving. When he graduated from the University of California, he wanted to become the best business entity in the United States. For this reason, he went on to activate better business through his active technology investments. His life, since graduation from the University, has been marked with active business investment and technology advancements in the United States. Eric Pulier is a better business manager.



Arthur Becker Brings Boutique to New York Real Estate

If you find yourself staring up at 465 Washington Street any time soon then you should know who is going to be renovating, rebuilding, and revitalizing the construction: Arthur Becker. For years Arthur Becker, a tech mogul and entrepreneur, has been providing funding as a behind-the-scenes investor for various real estate projects in New York. Well, now it seems like Becker is ready to take some first-hand credit for his work. Becker purchased the development at 465 Washington Street and is aiming to renovate it into a luxury condo. Let’s dig into the work that Becker has been doing in order to get him to this point in his career. You can visit Madison Partners for more details.

In an article on NY Daily News, Arthur Becker made his first fortune buying and selling tech companies back in the early 2000s. As a stockbroker, Becker was able to correctly identify which companies were for real and which weren’t. Becker took this fortune and ran with it, becoming one of the bigger investors around that we can even think of. Becker hasn’t solely found prosperity through the stock market. In fact, Becker’s taken on a ‘more is more’ approach when it comes to investing. All of his investments haven’t paid off but Becker’s managed to learn from them all, all the same.

According to Huffingtonpost, if you looked through Becker’s career you’ll see quite a few amazing investments. He’s invested in macadamia nut farms in Hawaii, his own brand of binoculars, and even ancient foreign currency — primarily from Nigeria and Cameroon. Along the way Becker found that his love for artwork wasn’t just a hobby, it was something that he could turn into an income. Becker’s become a painter and a collector, selling his work all around the world. Becker’s own origami money statues have become something of a classic on Wall Street — and who wouldn’t want one of them on their mantle?

Now Arthur Becker is focusing on his real estate career after having found success in so many other fields. Becker’s been capable of identifying great projects for years in New York. Now he is looking to build up 465 Washington Street as his own real estate hallmark.

Check out his website:

Cancer Treatment Centers of America Plus Allscripts Equals Better Patient Care

Cancer Treatment Centers of America has dedicated its practice to delivering a personalized treatment approach to cancer since 1988. The experts at the Cancer Treatment Centers include specialist in cancer treatment who lead a team of other experts who help improve the quality of life of those undergoing treatment, which include pain management physicians, dietitians, and physical therapist. The Cancer Treatment Centers coordinate patient care to better patients build strength and stamina to win the battle as well as help with their insurance claims and prescription services. They have now partnered with Allscripts Sunrise EHR (electronic health record) to make it easier to deliver personalized, effective and efficient treatment. The PRNewswire article published February 27, 2017 gives full details and the benefits the partnership.

Some highlights of this partnership called the Clinical Pathway program include:

-Treatment regimens customized to each patient’s health and specific disease.

-A comparison of treatment options that include the cost of delivery

-Recommendations in real time derived from evidence based clinical approaches that include supportive therapies to meet each patient’s need and optimize their quality of life while undergoing treatment, and

-Guidelines, response rates, adverse drug reactions and supporting clinical data.

Allscripts healthcare IT integrated medical information system allows smarter care delivery through connected information and insights across care sites, care teams and EHR systems. This connectivity allows caregivers to make better decision and deliver better care. Coordinated care, precision cancer treatment and a more efficient method to collaborate, monitor and make adjustments results in a better patient experience and outcome. Whether breast, lung, skin, throat, or any other type of cancer, the Cancer Treatment Center of America can deliver a comprehensive care plan to help its patients overcome. If you or someone you know are weighing the options available, visit the website to learn more and take advantage of over 30 years of expertise.

For further information on CTCA follow them on Twitter.

Bruno Fagali: How To Choose An Experienced Attorney

Bruno Fagali is a highly reputable lawyer and comes recommended in the legal community. Bruno Fagali works hard to address the legal issues that affect his clients and he does so in a timely and efficient manner.

At some point, most people will need representation or advice from a lawyer. Whether you’re facing a business dispute or personal matter, it is important to know your legal rights.

A lawyer can help you protect your rights and also let you know whether a legal challenge is appropriate. In those situation, it is advisable to hire a lawyer who is well known for delivering on his promise.

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Bruno Fagali is retained by companies, organizations and individuals who want a demonstrated ability to get favorable results.

If you want to choose a reputable law firm or lawyer, consider Bruno Fagali – a top rated lawyer that provides outstanding services in Brazil.

Bruno Fagali has practiced law for many years and focuses in the areas of Compliance, Administrative Law and Urban Law. Bruno Fagali has advised and represented many different businesses, institutions and individuals and he has a good understanding the law that affects his clients’ situations.

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A Look At The History Of JeanMarie Guenot

JeanMarie Guenot, Ph.D., is an executive in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry. Guenot obtained her Ph.D. at the University of California, San Francisco. She also has an MBA which she earned at the University of Pennsylvania – The Wharton School. She now has over 20 years of experience in her industry.

Dr. Jeanmarie Guenot started her professional career at Hoffmann-LaRoche where she was a Principal Scientist. While at Hoffman-La Roche she performed clinical research and development into drugs designed to treat autoimmune and metabolic diseases as well as inflammation. Dr. JeanMarie Guenot’s executive career at Atlas Venture where she managed venture capital that was invested into pharmaceutical and biotechnology startups.

Dr. Guenot left Atlas Venture when she saw an opportunity for career advancement at PDL BioPharma as a Vice President of Corporate and Business Development. While she was with this company she deepened her knowledge and experience with mergers and acquisitions, licensing, and alliance management according to In 2008 she became an independent consultant and worked with Hoffman-La Roche as a business advisor.

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The next step in Dr. Guenot’s career was when she founded and managed SKS Ocular. This company was an ophthalmic company accelerator and research company. One of the technologies that was developed was a treatment for dry AMD which slowly released drugs into the eye for the treatment of ocular inflammation, glaucoma, and macular degeneration.

Dr. JeanMarie Guenot presently serves as the President and Chief Executive Officer of Amphivena Therapeutics. This company, based in San Francisco, in involved in research and the development of bifunctional antibody therapies for blood-born cancer. During her career Dr. Guenot has developed a strong base of specialties including project management, corporate development, venture capital management, and pharmaceutical research and development.

Learn more abaout Jeanmarie Guenot: