Arthur Becker Brings Boutique to New York Real Estate

If you find yourself staring up at 465 Washington Street any time soon then you should know who is going to be renovating, rebuilding, and revitalizing the construction: Arthur Becker. For years Arthur Becker, a tech mogul and entrepreneur, has been providing funding as a behind-the-scenes investor for various real estate projects in New York. Well, now it seems like Becker is ready to take some first-hand credit for his work. Becker purchased the development at 465 Washington Street and is aiming to renovate it into a luxury condo. Let’s dig into the work that Becker has been doing in order to get him to this point in his career. You can visit Madison Partners for more details.

In an article on NY Daily News, Arthur Becker made his first fortune buying and selling tech companies back in the early 2000s. As a stockbroker, Becker was able to correctly identify which companies were for real and which weren’t. Becker took this fortune and ran with it, becoming one of the bigger investors around that we can even think of. Becker hasn’t solely found prosperity through the stock market. In fact, Becker’s taken on a ‘more is more’ approach when it comes to investing. All of his investments haven’t paid off but Becker’s managed to learn from them all, all the same.

According to Huffingtonpost, if you looked through Becker’s career you’ll see quite a few amazing investments. He’s invested in macadamia nut farms in Hawaii, his own brand of binoculars, and even ancient foreign currency — primarily from Nigeria and Cameroon. Along the way Becker found that his love for artwork wasn’t just a hobby, it was something that he could turn into an income. Becker’s become a painter and a collector, selling his work all around the world. Becker’s own origami money statues have become something of a classic on Wall Street — and who wouldn’t want one of them on their mantle?

Now Arthur Becker is focusing on his real estate career after having found success in so many other fields. Becker’s been capable of identifying great projects for years in New York. Now he is looking to build up 465 Washington Street as his own real estate hallmark.

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