No Fear Energy Bills With These Tips From Goettl

Are you sweating bullets before the summer ever gets here? Does your wallet whimper in your ear at night, begging you not to hurt it so? Does receiving your heating bill feel like a summons to the financial gallows? If so, you need these tricks from Goettl to help your AC perform at its absolute most efficient. By using these methods you’ll ensure you’re getting the most out of your AC and the least out of your energy bill.

1 – Clear out Your Ductwork – When you first had your system installed, your ducts were clean and pristine with clear airflow. After years of faithful service, you can be assured they are no longer in such beautiful condition. Gaps could have opened, or debris have gathered which would cost you efficiency. Have your ducts cleaned and checked.

2 – Fans On The Upper Floor – So as we all know, heat rises, so the best way to help get it out of your home is with a fan to motivate it to be on its way. Upstairs windows with outfacing fans can work to prevent you needing to turn on your AC, but once you do ceiling fans can help reduce the temperature in your home and keep cool air flowing.

3 – Keep Your Unit Clear – Be sure to keep debris away from your unit by cutting back vegetation, but make sure that the sun doesn’t get to it as a result. Keeping the unit cool and clear will ensure that you’re getting the best results from your unit without spending extra energy.

Goettl is an HVAC service and production company that has been providing air conditioner service in the Arizona area since the 1920’s. Recently moved from Phoenix to Tempe after it’s acquisition by ARS, they have a reputation for respect for their customers and excellence in their service. If you need help keeping your cooling bill down this summer, don’t hesitate to call them today!


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