When an Online Reputation Follows You

You can be one of the most successful entrepreneurs around, but you can’t please everybody. Sooner or later someone is going to make it their mission to get you a bad reputation. Here are some ways you can deter these people from ruining a good standing you have with existing customers.

It seems counter-intuitive, but you shouldn’t respond to their attacks at first. If you see a ridiculous claim or negative review about you or your business, make sure you respond professionally. See if there is any way you can calm the situation. You will only exacerbate the anger if you are defensive. If you catch the problem early, sites like searchcleanup.com can get rid critics completely. You can always reassure customers with a memo or public statement addressing concerns. Give them a reason to stay with you because of your many good services to them, not because of a few bad reviews from others. If you provide an excellent service, some of your loyal customers might come to your defense. Remember, the value you provide is essential for a successful business. If you increase that value to counter the attack, your customers won’t jump ship because of someone with a vendetta against you. If you do need support, reach out to others that you can trust. Some entrepreneurs who have more experience might give you their experience to comfort you. Experienced entrepreneurs like to use searchcleanup.com to help clean up negative articles about their businesses. Most importantly, don’t give up on your work. Focus on why you are an entrepreneur and what that means to you. You shouldn’t stop doing what you love because you can’t please a heckler in the crowd full of applause.

Richard Shinto-Benefiting From Medicate Advantage Plan

Most individuals who have Medicare get their insurance from Original Medicare; however, some choose from a Medicate Advantage Plan. It contracts with the federal state where client benefits are paid on an individual basis. You will still have your Medicare if you enroll for this plan; meaning you still pay your monthly Part B premium and Part A if you have. It can cover unnecessary medical services under Medicare; check what is provided if you are unsure.

The plans of InnovaCare Health can provide extra coverage including wellness programs, dental, or vision among others. A majority include prescriptions. You may have to compensate all the costs if the plan says your costs are unnecessary medically although the decision is appealable. If you wish, ask the plan for a comprehensively written coverage decision to ensure the service is medically necessary. You might need to pay all the costs if you did not ask whether the service is inclusive or not.

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Richard Shinto, the current serving President and CEO of InnovaCare, Inc has over twenty years of experience in clinical and operational healthcare in managed care. Before joining the company, Rick Shinto served as the Chief Executive Officer and President of Aveta, Inc, and a management team member in 2008 before its sale in 2012. Previously, Shinto had worked for NAMM California and Medical Pathways Management Company as the CEO and Chief Medical Officer for the two firms.

In 1996 and 1997, he worked for Medical Management for MedPartners as the Corporate Vice President before leaving the firm for Call Optima Health Plan in Orange County as the Chief Medical Officer. He started his medical profession as a pulmonologist and internist in Southern California. He received his B.S from the University of California at Irvine and went to the Sony Brook State University of New York for his medical degree. He acquired his MBA from the University of Redlands.

Ms. Penelope Kokkinides is the sitting Chief Operating Officer at InnovaCare Health Solutions. Between 2006, September and 2012, she was the COO at Aveta Inc. Before then Ms. Kokkinides had worked for Touchstone Health HMO as its Chief Operating Officer. She boasts of more than fifteen years of experience as a specialist in state programs and the managed care sector. Penelope Kokkinides was instrumental in creating and implementing the healthcare model at the Care Management and Disease Management at AmeriChoice. She went to Binghamton University for her B.S in biological sciences and classical language, an M.S in social work, and another one in Public Health from New York and Columbia Universities respectively.

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Brad Reifler on Successful Investing

When stepping into the world of investing, those offering up the money, and those managing their finances, always want to minimize risk and maximize reward whenever the opportunity presents itself. However, investing by its nature is riddled with risk. Forefront Capital’s CEO and founder, Brad Reifler, knows all about the risk and anxiety that comes from investing.

Brad Reifler has dealt with investors that comprise the majority of American, and has come to understand their limitations in seeking investment opportunities. He has even suffered personal losses from bad investments in the past, which gave him first-hand experience in the field of investing from the perspective of a middle class investor and how the lack of agency can affect serious economic disparity.

Noticing the need for change in this practice, Brad has used this company to reach investors who don’t meet the threshold to be considered an accredited investor with all the reach necessary to make the most use of their investing dollars. And his involvement seems to be coming at about the right time, now that the Securities Exchange Commission is taking a look at their rules about investing for the first time in about 30 years. It’s now being taken into consideration the information available to people and how someone who does not meet the financial threshold to be an accredited investor can be very knowledgeable in investing and understanding how markets interact with one another.

Forefront Capital has taken the initiative, however, and has broadened their scope of accepted clients to include those without access to an accredited investor due to their lack of funds. This allows those with a small fund for smart investing to grow their portfolio and personal wealth.

For those seeking investment through traditional channels with an accredited investor, there are still things to consider when handing over money in hopes of return. Brad suggests that those seeking to invest not put in all their money into an investment, and to always consider financial security before committing to any decision financially. Those seeking an accredited investor should also consider the the person managing their money and whether or not that person is someone they can trust fully with managing their money. If not, perhaps a change in representation should be considered.  Brad Reifler can be sought on Twitter, and his investment tips can be found on Reuters.

Securus Technologies Challenges GTL

Securus Technologies is going to be casting a very public light on Global Tel Link (GTL). The light is going to illuminate “wrongdoings and integrity breaches” on the part of GTL, an inmate communications company. Securus wants to reveal information through a series of articles and press releases. The news Securus is soon to publish will capture the attention of a lot of eyes. The media campaign performed by Securus is not planned to be a short one.
The goal is to continue the campaign for about six month. The endgame here is to “shame” GTL into cleaning up its act. Bad publicity has a tendency to get companies to do just that.

Initial reports from PR Newswire show GTL double-billed calls, inflated charges, and programmed calls to charge higher rates. Securus is taking action to make the world aware of what this company is accused of doing.

Securus Technologies is a company that has served the prison industry quite well over the years. About 2,600 correctional facilities have signed contracts to use the prison technology and software manufactured by Securus Technologies. The Dallas, TX company is truly a trendsetter in the industry. Look for Securus America Technologies to remain a major player for years to come.

Read more: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/securus-presents-to-over-400-prisonjail-customers-since-grand-opening-of-technology-center-300260314.html

Real Time Recording with Web RTC and Talk Fusion

Talk Fusion launched its all new Web RTC Recorder to expand their video marketing solutions product line. It’s a faster way to reach customers, making their product line even better for customers. This new recorder is a web-based real time communication recorder where the customers can enhance their video emails and video news letters to connect with high quality videos.

Some of this new recorder is seamless synch, instant recording, and quicker playback. Video emails and video newsletters are not the only products that have integrated this state of art technology. Talk Fusion won the Web RTC Recorder of 2016 for their integration into the video chat product. Existing Talk Fusion customers can access this upgrade, but the only browsers that can handle it are: Chrome and Firefox.

Talk Fusion is still offering their 30 day risk free trial to access their whole library of products. Potential customers need no credit card to sign up, and they have a training library to help them utilize the new products available to them. A trial would be a great opportunity to try out the new real time recording technology.

Talk Fusion is an all in one video marketing company, helping the small business reach their customers with innovative video technology. Through stand out video emails and interactive video newsletters, Talk Fusion offers a variety of solutions to enhance a company’s brand and marketing. The risk free trial is a testimony to their confidence in how the line of products will enhance any company’s business and profits.

Fabletics Releases Athleisure For All Women

Fabletics has been making athleisure clothes for all women, and they were started by Kate Hudson to help women get dressed in a hurry. Every woman who wears the Fabletics line can mix and match her clothes easily, and she will love the way she feels when she gets into the soft fabrics and simple outfits. The outfits that were created by Kate Hudson for Fabletics are a feature in Marie Claire, and they were the starting point of the athleisure trend.

The athleisure trend that people are getting into is simple for them, and all women are able to get dressed in a few seconds before they leave the house. Kate Hudson created clothes from Fabletics that would be easy to put on in the morning, and she could wear them to take her kids to school, go to the gym and get some shopping done. Any woman can wear these clothes on the street, and she will look amazing even if she is only in tights, a sports bra and a sweater.

Women can add a hat or a casual pair of shoes when they leave the house, and it is a very fierce look that feels great when women walk down the street. Women can change their clothes around when they want to, and they can stick their clothes in their gym bag when they want to change at the gym at http://www.fabletics.com/collections. Changing at the gym is very easy for women to do, and it helps them look their best when they have multiple destinations to hit that day.

The colors that are offered by Fabletics are very nice to look at, and they make it easier for women to choose the colors that they want. Everyone who wants look great when they go to the gym should make sure that they have enough clothes in the right colors to exude their personal style. Their personal style is very important so that people will notice them on the street, and it is very easy for women to get ready in colors that they like the most. Everyone who loves to dress in a certain color should buy all the clothes they can find in the same color. Check this site: http://mic.com/articles/129371/fabletics-commercial-takes-a-big-swipe-at-lululemon#.aSDV0xj7t

Women who want to look their best when they leave the house need to have a look at the feature in Marie Claire to see what they can buy. Women will have a lot of options in athleisure, and they will be able to use those clothes to get through the day every day. They can run all their errands, and they can make sure that they look fabulous even though they are wearing something simple that was created for their lifestyle by Kate Hudson.

Olympic Valley Incorporation Did Not Come To Be

Recap Of An Article In The Reno-Gazette Journal:

There have been some changes taking place in the Olympic Valley region of Lake Tahoe. First off, the weather has been changing. These changes have not been good for the ski resorts of the area. Additionally, there was a long debate regarding the incorporation of a number of different resorts in the area.

This massive corporate merger would have far reaching effects on many businesses in the area. If the merger occurred, these effects would be largely negative. Andy Wirth, the CEO of Squaw Valley, was very strongly against the merger. Luckily for businesses in the Olympic Valley area, this merger did not come to be.

The weather in the Squaw Valley area hasn’t been as good for skiers. This has negatively affected business for the area’s ski resorts. Unfortunately, the weather has tended to be less snowy. Luckily though, this past season was quite good for skiers.

There has been talk to incorporate Olympic Valley. If this large corporate entity was able to come in, and begin managing the area’s ski resorts, it would have a large impact upon the businesses in the area. If Olympic Valley were to become incorporated, the area’s businesses would suffer.

Additionally, the budgets of the local towns would likely suffer. This could mean that there would be less resources to clear roadways. If roadways were more likely to become icy or remain snow covered, this would likely tend to detract tourists from the area. In turn, it would hurt the local businesses of all varieties.

As the CEO of Squaw Valley, Andy Wirth has been strongly against the merger. In fact, he has led an effort to donate hundreds of thousands of dollars to the cause of preventing the incorporation from occurring.

Luckily, the opponents of the incorporation efforts stopped it from happening. Any Wirth’s efforts have been a major factor in this. All of this means that the Olympic Valley ski resorts will continue to be individually managed. It will also mean that there will not be the negative effects on businesses in the area. Hopefully, these factors will help keep large numbers of tourists coming to the Olympic Valley region every ski season.

Andy Wirth played a key role in stopping the incorporation from happening. He also has done a lot to build his company, Squaw Valley ski area. He has been a successful CEO of the resort for quite some time. Additionally, Andy Wirth is an avid outdoor sports enthusiast himself. He also donates to environmental organizations in the Lake Tahoe area. His donations serve to make the Lake Tahoe community a better place. Additionally, he also assists the Navy Seals.

Luciana Lóssio Is Replacing Arnaldo Versiani On The Superior Electoral Tribunal At A Very Difficult Time

In December 2015, Brazil’s legislature decided that the corruption scandal involving members of Dilma Rousseff administration and the worst recession in modern history was enough to start impeachment proceedings against President Dilma Rousseff. Rousseff was impeached in May 2016 on the grounds that she misused federal funds, and she didn’t disclose the true size of the country’s deficit. That is a violation of federal law. The embattled president has also been accused of taking illegal campaign contributions from Petrobras, the state-owned oil company. The misuse of campaign funds allegation shines a light on Brazil’s Superior Electoral Tribunal. That Tribunal is responsible for monitoring campaign funds and making sure those funds are legal and are used appropriately. Obviously, the Tribunal is coming under fire for not catching Rousseff’s alleged illegal tactics.

The Tribunal has already taken steps to ensure the Rousseff allegations are not repeated. The seven-member panel of ministers has appointed attorney Luciana Lóssio as a new member of the Tribunal. Lóssio is replacing Arnaldo Versiani. The Superior Electoral Tribunal s composed of three judges from the Supreme Federal Court, two judges from the Superior Court and two attorneys that have an extensive background in electoral law. Lóssio is considered an expert in electoral law.

She graduated from Centro Universitário de Brasília in 1999, and she continued her education and earned two more post-graduate degrees. Luciana spent seven years working for the Attorney General of the Republic. But refining her skills as an electoral lawyer was always her main interest. She has represented several top political figures during her career. Her new position as a minister of the Superior Electoral Tribunal is another accomplishment in a career filled with outstanding accomplishments. Luciana is also a member of Brazilian Institute of electoral law, so her knowledge of the election process is extensive.

The upcoming election, if there is one, will be an interesting experience for Lóssio. She plans to follow the law and make sure the election meets all the requirements of the Tribunal.

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