Jeffry Schneider Is The CEO of Ascendant Who Avidly Supports Education

Ascendant Capital, LLC CEO and founder, Jeffry Schneider, is the amazing man behind the popular boutique investment firm. With more than 24 years of experience in the financial services, he is pushing ahead into a new age of investing with a drive that is unlike any other entrepreneur in his field. He has pushed his team to earn over $1 billion in just five years and is looking forward as he expects his team to raise $50 million a month over the next twelve months. The more than fifty broker dealers, 250 investment advisors, and countless family offices that Ascendant works with are very content with the profits they have earned through a cooperation that they hope to continue.Visit his Facebook profile: Click here.

Earlier in life, Jeffry Schneider earned his Bachelor’s degree in science at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. As an avid supporter of education, he supports charitable causes that aim to help poor and disadvantaged children receive the education they need to succeed in life. His donations to the Cherokee Home for Children have helped countless kids who suffer from abuse and neglect receive the shelter, counseling, and education they need. The organization boasts a school that takes the children from kindergarten through high school and then gives them the option to attend the college of their choosing. Jeffry also donates to Wonders and Worries, which helps the children of parents who are suffering through illness to continue their life and not lose focus of their education.

Jeffry has worked for a spread of top-notch firms in his past including Paine Webber, Smith Barney, Merrill Lynch, Alex Brown, and many more. He attributes a lot of his knowledge about the alternative investment field to these early job experiences, and appreciates everyone who helped him along his way to greater success. He also worked as a part of the management team for Axiom Capital Management, where he built close relationships with hedge fund managers in order to best match them with the appropriate clientele of the firm.Jeffry Schneider lives in Austin, Texas with his wife and three children. He aspires to show his kids the ropes of life and knows that he will continue to provide as much as possible for his family.

Eric Lefkofsky: Captaining a Truly Epic Journey Through the Waters of Cancer Research

Tempus states that their mission is to “redefine how genomic data is used in a clinical setting.” For those that aren’t quite sure what that means, it is, simply, using patient data as a reservoir of medical data in order for physicians to better understand each patient’s tumor. The process begins with sequencing genomic information of a patient’s condition and continues with deeper learning devices so that analysis of the data’s use can be continued. states that physicians can use this genetic data to help customize a patient’s treatment. Detailed reports are provided to physicians regarding the analysis of the research so the treating physician can have insight into what treatment methods would be most effective. The screenings of these therapies are practiced with synthetic and animal models, not human patients.

Eric Lefkofsky is the company’s Co-Founder and CEO. The name might sound familiar since he was the pioneer of Groupon, the global e-commerce site. His resume also includes Managing Director of Lightbank, a fund investing in disruptive technologies. His charitable works include establishing the Lefkofsky Family Foundation to better enhance communities through civic initiatives. Eric Lefkofsky serves as the Trustee of Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago, The Art Institute of Chicago, The Museum of Science and Industry, and World Business Chicago. He is an adjunct professor at the University of Chicago. He graduated from the University of Michigan and received his Juris Doctorate at University of Michigan Law School.  Click

As of 2015 the group Tempus has partnered with the Mayo Clinic’s Center for Individualized Medicine and has begun trials on over 1,000 cancer patients with lung cancer, melanoma, bladder cancer, breast cancer, and lymphoma. Some endocrine therapy was included as well. The costs can be high so when hospitals work with Tempus through researchers they pay Tempus directly. In cases of physician’s services, health insurance pays for the tests. The company employs almost 100 people including biologists, software engineers, and other employees. The genomic sequencing lab in the office can process over 50,000 patients a year.  Source



Davos REG Introduces an Advanced Tool to Assist Investors in Making Wise Real Estate Investments

Davos Real Estate Group (REG) has introduced a new mobile application called Davos CAP Calculator. This revolutionary tool enables clients to have a clearer financial vision prior to buying properties or making real estate investments. Davos REG, a subsidiary of Davos Financial Group, plans to avail investment alternatives that address the financial needs and expectations of its clients. The firm leverages a team of specialists who can offer insights on the sales process, mortgage, new developments, rent, and all legal aspects that surround real estate investments. Learn more:

Importance of diversifying an investment portfolio

The Davos Financial Group’s Investment Committee headed by Osio suggest that having a real estate property as a substitute asset can increase the gains on your investment portfolio and lower associated risk levels. In his analysis, David Osio outlines diversification criteria, protection against inflation, and increased level of performance as some of the major factors to consider during the investment portfolio diversification. There are evaluations and special consideration required before investing or buying a property. They include computing the costs associated with purchasing, selling, and maintaining a property.

Davos CAP Calculator

The commitment to quality service has motivated the Davos REG led by Gerard Gonzalez to design the new real estate application, Davos CAP Calculator. The application calculates net returns, cash flow, and rate of capitalization of a client’s real estate investment. Additionally, an investor can enter mortgage information and find out the effects of terms and conditions on the investment’s profitability and cash flow. The application can be downloaded from iTunes and Google play stores. It is compatible with mobile devices like Android, iPads, and iPhone.

David Osio

A veteran in the financial service sector, David Osio is responsible for overseeing day-to-day operations and investment plans of Davos Financial Group. The Group comprises of independent companies committed to delivering professional asset management as well as financial advisory services. Osio created the firm in 1993 after deciding to concentrate on private business. He has developed a practical leadership that has promoted an increase in income level and company’s expansion in various strategic cities such as New York, Panama, and Miami.

David Osio is an accomplished academician. He holds a degree in law from one of the top universities in both Venezuela and Latin America, Catholic University Andres Bello. He has an advanced degree in international banking law. Companies owned by David Osio are dedicated to client services and engage in philanthropic activities. Several foundations and non-profits have benefited from Osio’s donations. They include Miami Symphony Orchestra, Carlos Cruz Diez, UMA Foundation, and Wayuu Taya.

Learn more:

Mike Baur is the Driving Force Behind the Swiss Start Up Factory

In 2014, the Swiss Startup Factory (SSUF) was begun with the driving force of Mike Baur as its founding partner. He has an amazing 20-years in Swiss banking that are responsible for his consummate expertise in his field. Mike is in charge of all of the financing rounds and fundraising at SSUF.

The goal of SSUF is the creation of global companies that rattle the predominant business models, products, and benchmarks. At the core of SSUF’s business model is a program that lasts three months and is responsible for providing office space, financing, mentoring, coaching, and other services, as well as providing great investor and entrepreneurial network access to early stage start-up companies.

  • As a Zurich-based accelerator, SSUF is always actively searching for digital entrepreneurs that are thriving. SSUF has been responsible for providing them with exciting opportunities via its robust network, not only in Switzerland but also worldwide. SSUV’s programs include:

    ~ 360º Services
    ~ Pre-Accelerator
    ~ Growth Accelerator
    ~ Wenger & Vielli Accelerator
    ~ Digital Business Strategy

    SSUF’s Pre-Accelerator Services include:
    – Coaching
    – Pitch training that is professionally taught
    – A market research team
    – Accounting/Marketing/IT Support
    – Product Development
    – Leading international startup ecosystems access

    The Growth Accelerator assists more mature startups with achieving their individual goals by identifying growth barriers, as well as customizing a service package designed for fitting the unique needs of the startup. This includes, but is not limited to the following:

    – Finance access via both external and internal sources
    – Management, coaching expertise and leadership
    – Business development

    The Wenger & Vieli Accelerator provides startups with free legal advice on subjects that include:
    – Incorporation
    – Financing
    – Incentivizing employees
    – Exit strategies

    All companies need to be adaptable regarding digitalization impacts. In fact, of 500 Swiss companies, 72 percent are under the assumption that further importance can be gained from digital transformation. In order to adapt to an ever-expanding digital world, organizations must internalize their transformation and digital trends in their products, services, and overall business processes. SSUF’s digital business strategy program assists startups with these endeavors, including:

    The Analyser, which is an analysis and validation toolbox
    The Transformer, which works by transforming business ideas into prototypes and digital business models
    The Challenger, which challenges the business models

Adam Goldenberg is One of LAs Top CEOs

Adam Goldenberg has built his latest start up success, JustFab, using some simple and proven tactics. JustFab is a VIP membership celebrity style service. The company raised $55 million in capital just last year. This is his latest success story after selling his gaming service, Gamer’s Alliance, in the late-1990s and a turn owning a successful internet brand incubator in the mid-2000s. He is certainly one of the most successful CEOs in Los Angeles and has maintained that success for almost two decades.

Adam Goldenberg has built JustFab by trusting his numbers, using great hiring practices, and selling products that are in demand. It sounds simple, but so many CEOs fail to do this early in the process of building their companies on because they are married to a certain idea and won’t abandon something that isn’t working just because they think it should work.

Adam Goldenberg focuses his hiring practices on people who are passionate about what they do. He believes that this fire goes much further than any degrees or awards that may appear on a resume. Goldenberg does not want to hire anyone that doesn’t care about what his companies are trying to do. The CEOs basic belief is that employees won’t work hard for something that they won’t care about.

He also trusts his numbers and reacts to them quickly. He has said that he and his team look at their numbers on a daily basis at the minimum. He sometimes looks at them by the hour. These numbers indicate customer trends. He trusts them implicitly and will abandon an idea if it doesn’t start working immediately.

Too many business leaders at overcommit to an idea that they have or a product that they have developed because they are emotionally involved in it. This can be a dangerous and expensive practice if it is not remedied over time. Goldenberg is quick to take a product out of the catalog if nobody is buying it. This is even if he thinks that it is a great product. He only sticks with products that are giving him a profit.

Goldenberg is a young star and is one of the leaders amongst the CEOs in Southern California. He has built 3 great companies in just two decades leading companies. He has built these great companies using great hiring practices and by trusting his metrics. This takes an egoless leader who is willing to use the ideas of others.

A Day with Andy Wirth on KCRW

In the recent years, many people in the California region, and in America as a whole, are concerned with the issue of droughts that has seen water usage dip by about 27% as compared to the last two years. Learn more about Andy Wirth: and

Many are looking at the threat posed by the El Nino and an increase in the number of storms. These weather patterns have an adverse effect on winter and winter sports and greatly affect ski resorts. This dry spell has forced many resorts to end their season early.

This was the topic of the discussion that was addressed by Andy Wirth, the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, a parent company of the Alpine Meadow and Squaw Valley ski resorts.

I listened to the radio interview conducted by Madeleine Brand in her program called Press and Play. Andy Wirth acknowledged that their skiing resorts experienced a tough winter due to what the meteorologists termed as the “ Ridiculously resilient ridge”.

This is a weather a phenomenon that prevents low pressure from coming into the mountains. This then leads to less snow which has an adverse effect on the skiing business.

He accepted that the tough winter reduced ski visits to their resorts by about 20%. This had a profound effect on their business but they were able to survive although business was not that profitable. They were able to maintain a solid capital structure even though the effects of less snow were considerable.

He is of the opinion that for a ski resort to be able to survive, it must have the ability to withstand such shocks by positioning itself and restructuring its business models. This can be done through the application of scientific methods in snow management and snowmaking. He envisages a volatile climate in future based on the Stamford weather report.

The situation can be addressed by improving on snow making techniques, and adjusting and changing of business models. Ski resorts can do this by including summer visitations in addition to winter skiing. This are useful in the organisation of weddings, meetings and events.

As resource managers, Andy feels that resorts should be able to leave a legacy by working with energy companies in the reduction of carbon footprints and thereby reducing their contribution to climate change.

Mr. Andrew “Andy” Wirth is the President and chief executive officer of Squaw Valley Ski and its subsidiary, Alpine Meadows of Tahoe Inc., since 2010. His key responsibilities in these ski resorts are in the areas of sales and marketing. He also performs other duties as the senior vice president of sales and marketing at Steamboat of Intrawest ULC.

He has about a quarter a century of experience in sales and marketing and has his offices in Steamboat Springs in Colorado. He is a holder a Bachelor’s of Science degree from the Colorado State University and also attended the Edinburgh University of Scotland.

Brad Reifler on Successful Investing

When stepping into the world of investing, those offering up the money, and those managing their finances, always want to minimize risk and maximize reward whenever the opportunity presents itself. However, investing by its nature is riddled with risk. Forefront Capital’s CEO and founder, Brad Reifler, knows all about the risk and anxiety that comes from investing.

Brad Reifler has dealt with investors that comprise the majority of American, and has come to understand their limitations in seeking investment opportunities. He has even suffered personal losses from bad investments in the past, which gave him first-hand experience in the field of investing from the perspective of a middle class investor and how the lack of agency can affect serious economic disparity.

Noticing the need for change in this practice, Brad has used this company to reach investors who don’t meet the threshold to be considered an accredited investor with all the reach necessary to make the most use of their investing dollars. And his involvement seems to be coming at about the right time, now that the Securities Exchange Commission is taking a look at their rules about investing for the first time in about 30 years. It’s now being taken into consideration the information available to people and how someone who does not meet the financial threshold to be an accredited investor can be very knowledgeable in investing and understanding how markets interact with one another.

Forefront Capital has taken the initiative, however, and has broadened their scope of accepted clients to include those without access to an accredited investor due to their lack of funds. This allows those with a small fund for smart investing to grow their portfolio and personal wealth.

For those seeking investment through traditional channels with an accredited investor, there are still things to consider when handing over money in hopes of return. Brad suggests that those seeking to invest not put in all their money into an investment, and to always consider financial security before committing to any decision financially. Those seeking an accredited investor should also consider the the person managing their money and whether or not that person is someone they can trust fully with managing their money. If not, perhaps a change in representation should be considered.  Brad Reifler can be sought on Twitter, and his investment tips can be found on Reuters.