Eric Lefkofsky – Helping Make a Difference in the Field of Cancer Research with Tempus

Eric Lefkofsky is the founder and co-founder of many technology and investment based start-ups, the most famous of which is Groupon. He presently serves as the Chairman of Groupon, which helps the merchants to market their products and services to the customers at discounted prices.Customers are always looking for discounts, but previously there were no platforms where the customers can find all the attractive deals offered by different merchants at one place. However, Groupon made it possible. Today, it is a publicly listed company with the market valuation of over $2.2 Billion, and the company continues to grow rapidly under the strategic guidance and leadership of Eric Lefkofsky.

Eric Lefkofsky is also the founder of the tech startup named Tempus Inc, which is pioneering data aggregation and accumulation in the field of cancer research. Tempus Inc collects medical, molecular, clinical, therapeutic, and patient outcome data from various medical facilities and provides it to the physicians and oncologists. It also helps in finding a connection between the genomic data of the patient with how a particular drug would react to it.It would assist the physicians to provide personalized cancer therapies based on the results available from the prior treatments, and hence, would be more efficient. It is a very simple and straightforward approach that hasn’t been tried before. Collecting such data manually would take several months, but with the help of technology and services offered by Tempus Inc, it would become much easier for the physicians to get the data and information they need to diagnose cancer patients efficiently.

Recently, Eric Lefkofsky also released a book he wrote by the name of Accelerated Disruption. It talks about how the companies in various sectors should continue to innovate their industry regularly to avoid getting overshadowed or overwhelmed by the start-ups and new enterprises that are coming up these days.Using technology and innovation in a combined manner to continue to provide better products and services is the key to staying ahead in the time to come as various start-ups are approaching every industry with a different take altogether that is taking the older companies by surprise. Read full article : Click Here.

Don Ressler Is a Startup Genius

Kate Hudson has become heavily involved in the activewear company known as Fabletics. This is one of the key reasons that the company has exploded in popularity during the past several years. For Kate, this is more than just another endorsement deal on Huffington Post. She has been using activewear her entire life. Therefore, it was very important for her to be associated with a company that makes inexpensive activewear that is still very good quality at The parent company for Fabletics is now worth $1 billion due in large part to Kate endorsing the company.

Don Ressler has been in the startup business for a very long time. He has enjoyed working with Kate and gives her a great deal of credit for helping to make Fabletics what it is today. Don is known around Silicon Valley as a man who gets things done. He can come up with an idea for a startup and get it successfully launched a few months later. Having regular success in the world of tech startups is something that very few people around the world have been able to do. This is because there are many roadblocks such as financing and promoting the startup that often stand in the way. Don Ressler has not let any of these things deter him from launching startups that consumers love.

Don has been a big man on campus ever since his startup Dermstore took the cosmetics and skincare world by storm. From that point, investors knew that Don Ressler was a man to be taken very seriously. Getting money for a startup is one of the most common problems that entrepreneurs face on a regular basis. You need to have some success before investors will want to work with you. Don has a massive amount of venture capitalists who are always phoning him about being a part of his next project. He loves the fact that he does not even need to pitch his ideas to get investors to put money into his startups.

Ressler spends time giving lectures to young people who have an interest in breaking into the competitive startup field on Pando. He likes to help these people in any way that he can so they will learn from his mistakes. As you might imagine, a person with the career and track record of Don Ressler is in very high demand for speaking engagements. He is also considering several book deals.

Mike Baur is the Driving Force Behind the Swiss Start Up Factory

In 2014, the Swiss Startup Factory (SSUF) was begun with the driving force of Mike Baur as its founding partner. He has an amazing 20-years in Swiss banking that are responsible for his consummate expertise in his field. Mike is in charge of all of the financing rounds and fundraising at SSUF.

The goal of SSUF is the creation of global companies that rattle the predominant business models, products, and benchmarks. At the core of SSUF’s business model is a program that lasts three months and is responsible for providing office space, financing, mentoring, coaching, and other services, as well as providing great investor and entrepreneurial network access to early stage start-up companies.

  • As a Zurich-based accelerator, SSUF is always actively searching for digital entrepreneurs that are thriving. SSUF has been responsible for providing them with exciting opportunities via its robust network, not only in Switzerland but also worldwide. SSUV’s programs include:

    ~ 360º Services
    ~ Pre-Accelerator
    ~ Growth Accelerator
    ~ Wenger & Vielli Accelerator
    ~ Digital Business Strategy

    SSUF’s Pre-Accelerator Services include:
    – Coaching
    – Pitch training that is professionally taught
    – A market research team
    – Accounting/Marketing/IT Support
    – Product Development
    – Leading international startup ecosystems access

    The Growth Accelerator assists more mature startups with achieving their individual goals by identifying growth barriers, as well as customizing a service package designed for fitting the unique needs of the startup. This includes, but is not limited to the following:

    – Finance access via both external and internal sources
    – Management, coaching expertise and leadership
    – Business development

    The Wenger & Vieli Accelerator provides startups with free legal advice on subjects that include:
    – Incorporation
    – Financing
    – Incentivizing employees
    – Exit strategies

    All companies need to be adaptable regarding digitalization impacts. In fact, of 500 Swiss companies, 72 percent are under the assumption that further importance can be gained from digital transformation. In order to adapt to an ever-expanding digital world, organizations must internalize their transformation and digital trends in their products, services, and overall business processes. SSUF’s digital business strategy program assists startups with these endeavors, including:

    The Analyser, which is an analysis and validation toolbox
    The Transformer, which works by transforming business ideas into prototypes and digital business models
    The Challenger, which challenges the business models