Harry Potter Type Books For Fantasy Reader Fans!


Are you a Harry Potter fan? Chances are you like fantasy books, however, this does not mean you like all of them. You like stories that could almost be true, or perhaps you think there really are witches out there. Harry Potter books are full of taking daring chances, and wild adventures. A fantasy reader likes to get lost in a book. Sometimes it’s great to just start reading and forget all about what is going on outside of the book. Harry Potter fans are of all ages, from preteen, teen, young adult, and even middle aged people. The funny thing is that there is not generation gap when it comes to fantasy reading. Everyone who has ever read the books, then went on to watch the movies can share thoughts with each other, about what can happen next.

I have a Harry Potter theory that fans probably would like Chronicles of the Narnia, Percy Jackson and the Olympians series, Lord of the Rings, Fantastic Beasts and Where to find them, and more. There is nothing wrong with reading fantasy books, it takes your mind off every day hassles in life. It is a stress relief option, and leads one to wanting more adventure in their life. So, Harry Potter fans, unite, and enjoy life.  Some of these practically qualify as books like Game of Thrones too, for the young adult looking for that fantasy flavor.