Bruce Levenson Brings Philanthropy To As Many Students As Possible

In 2015, Bruce Levenson completed the sale of Atlanta Hawks NBA franchise to the billionaire technology executive Tony Ressler for an estimated $850 million; the success and major profit obtained by the founder of UCG by the sale Hawks sale is not the major subject Levenson wishes to be known for, says ESPN, instead he has been working towards creating a lasting legacy at the University of Maryland. Levenson remains a major figure in his home areas of Washington D.C. and in the state of Maryland where his “Do Good Institute” is located at the University of Maryland.

The “Do God Institute” was the brainchild of Bruce Levenson and wife Karen who have been working throughout the life of the school to raise the $75 million needed to establish the institute on the campus of the college. Among the impressive aspects of the establishment of the “Do Good Institute” has been the fast growth of the school that began offering a single course named “Philanthropy 101” that allowed students to provide $10,000 of funding to good causes of their choice; this initial success has continued with a major now offered in philanthropy and not for profit leadership.

Bruce Levenson is probably best known to those outside the business world as the former owner of the Atlanta Hawks where he played a major role in pushing forward the cause of philanthropy within the NBA. Among the causes Levenson backed during his time at the Hawks was the U.S. Holocaust Museum that Bruce not only provided funding for, but also included a trip to the site taken by Levenson and members of the playing and administrative staff of the franchise; once again Bruce Levenson realized the Hawks players could play an integral role in making sure people of all ages were reminded of the issue of the Holocaust and discrimination in all its forms.


The Influential Michael Zomber

Antique specialist and historian, Michael Zomber, is known for his expertise as a historian. His interest in Japanese history, specifically the Samurai and firearms, shows how knowledgable he is in that area of history. Looking at his accomplishments will provide a greater understanding of what he’s been able to achieve.

His social media accounts offer some perspective about who Michael Zomber is a historian. His Facebook shows a historical picture of a Samurai, addressing his enthusiasm and devotion for Japanese history. The picture is also the cover of his book, highlighting what he has accomplished in his written work. His Facebook post includes an interview of him discussing Japanese history, further demonstrating his passion for this kind of history. Zomber also has an Instagram account, but he has not posted any photos yet.

Some of Michael Zomber’s biggest accomplishments are the books he’s written about Japanese history or fictional tales. His most appealing accomplishment, considering all the books he has written, is his published work, Shogun Iemitsu. This book is a story about war and romance in Japan during the 17th century. The book also includes a historical detail about the Japanese swords and armor. Zomber has also written other books, one of which is called, Jesus and the Samurai, which is about Christianity and the development of traditional Samurai virtues. He also wrote a book entitled, Park Avenue, which is about the world of high level art auctions. His other works include, Sweet Betsy That’s Me, and a Son of Kentucky.

The business model of Michael Zomber is centered on historical firearms. This passion has led to own company, Renascent Films LLC, which has helped him make his books into documentaries. His ability to make documentaries as well as write compelling books has allowed him to get featured on the History Channel. His passion for firearms, however, does not conflict with belief in peace. His involvement in the community is an example of this with his support for NGO’s, UNICEF, Doctors Without Borders, and other organizations.