Securus Should Get More Government Contracts

There is a massive battle going on in the telecommunications industry. You are unlikely to hear about it because you have probably never done business with either of the companies. These telecommunications companies only provide services to prisons and jails. And it is a lucrative industry.


One of these companies, Global Tel Link, abuses its position of power. Once this company locks in a government contract to become the only provider of telephone services to a prison, they jack up their prices. They also save money by hiring a skeleton crew for customer service. Their call quality is terrible and customer reviews are incredibly bad. On top of all of this, this company does nothing to help police officers and law enforcement. They kind of just sit there siphoning up over $500 million per year from prisoners and their families.


This unethical company has been embroiled in a battle with Securus Technologies. And Securus Technologies couldn’t be any more different than Global Tel Link. The company keeps an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, provides outstanding telephone call quality and runs the largest customer service call center in the industry. They also innovate to assist law enforcement with investigations and these innovations have been known to prevent crime.


The company’s latest software innovation allows police officers to find critical information coming from the prisoners themselves. Every single phone call that the company services is recorded and the company allows law enforcement unfettered access to this digital information. The software program is capable of searching this gigantic mountain of digital information in an instant. This can give law enforcement officers critical information that can lead to arrests, prevent crimes and save lives. I think it is pretty clear which company should win the battle of prison telecommunications companies in the United States.




Securus Technologies Exceeds The Inmate Calling Industry

Securus Technologies started out as an inmate network regulating provider and has excelled to become one of the largest civil and criminal inmate communications providers in the network. They have combined advanced technological solutions with an award winning customer service that has caused their services to be chosen 10 to 1 over Global Tel-Link. Their customers are guaranteed a secure network that allows them to stay connected to their loved ones when they need it the most. On average, they help their customers save 36% on their inmate calling. You can rest assure spending time with your loved ones in a correctional facility are secure with Securus.


Why Thousands Of Customers Have Switched To Securus


Most of their customers loved the huge savings that is associated with Securus Technologies. They also provide their customers with the highest level of customer service to ensure that you get the features that you need to continue to save. In fact, they have teamed up with Vimeo to offer a video chat feature that allows them to visit their loved ones from a remote location.


Securus Technologies Features


Inmate Email


Inmates can now receive and retrieve emails through their website without the effort of traveling to the post office and standing in long lines. You can register for an account and immediately send an email to an inmate in a facility that features this service. You can now instantly get mail from your loved ones in a correctional facility or get it to them in a hurry.


Advanced Pay


Advanced pay options allow you to pay for your telephone features for inmate calling ahead of time by visiting their exclusive website. You no longer have to worry about locating an authorized agent.