Coworking spaces are perfect for Millennials

 Millennials Are So Happy (Living And Working) Together

Coworking spaces or co-living spaces are working platforms that aim at taking away the feeling of isolation that most people experience in our cities today. They can be book clubs, group dinners and so on. They all have one mission; curing loneliness. The people born between the mid-80s and the 90s (Millennials) do not mind using one another’s company. However, many individuals nowadays do not take part in the relationships that fill the void of loneliness. Relationships like family and marriage do not interest them. This attitude explains why many young people are lonely.

The mid-80s and early 90s kids love the safety and structure in co-working and co-living environments. Mostly, co-living platforms work in loco parentis. The co-working and co- living startups take up duties like ensuring office gadgets like printers are working, clean up the place and so on. Co-living apartments have a hierarchy of tenant advisors; they help solve conflicts if any. These startups also take note of the need for privacy; there are private phone booths available but with rules to govern them. Millennials love the feeling of having someone to take care of them and togetherness.

Workville offers Manhattan offices for rent situated near to Times Square, Bryant Park in New York City. They offer ready move-in working offices, open desks, and shared rooms. Members of this Startup co-working platform can spread out to perform their duties, hold meetings and take calls from the lounge arena, café and the three open space terraces available. The Workville community is made up of quality young businesses and talented startups. These two together create a culture of prosperity. The Workville team has worked hard to come up with a luxury co-working environment.

The private offices go for $1500 for two people and $4500 for six individuals. The Dedicated Desk in Private Office for $750 per month. The Open co-working space goes for $500 a month, $45 per day and $19 per hour. All these prices are negotiable. They rent their conference rooms for $100 per hour, and the virtual mail goes for $50 every month. Workville has partnered with other companies like Alley Boost, InDinero, Michael Page, Pops board, eBay, and many others. They also have several amenities to go with these offers. You get to enjoy amenities like fast internet connection, mail service, private phone, printers, terraces, 24hour access, daily cleaning and fresh coffee.

You can go online to gather more information on their prices, take a virtual tour. You will be able to talk to one of their employees and possibly get a chance to visit the Workville premises in person.