Olympic Valley Incorporation Did Not Come To Be

Recap Of An Article In The Reno-Gazette Journal:

There have been some changes taking place in the Olympic Valley region of Lake Tahoe. First off, the weather has been changing. These changes have not been good for the ski resorts of the area. Additionally, there was a long debate regarding the incorporation of a number of different resorts in the area.

This massive corporate merger would have far reaching effects on many businesses in the area. If the merger occurred, these effects would be largely negative. Andy Wirth, the CEO of Squaw Valley, was very strongly against the merger. Luckily for businesses in the Olympic Valley area, this merger did not come to be.

The weather in the Squaw Valley area hasn’t been as good for skiers. This has negatively affected business for the area’s ski resorts. Unfortunately, the weather has tended to be less snowy. Luckily though, this past season was quite good for skiers.

There has been talk to incorporate Olympic Valley. If this large corporate entity was able to come in, and begin managing the area’s ski resorts, it would have a large impact upon the businesses in the area. If Olympic Valley were to become incorporated, the area’s businesses would suffer.

If roadways were more likely to become icy or remain snow covered, this would likely tend to detract tourists from the area. In turn, it would hurt the local businesses of all varieties.

As the CEO of Squaw Valley, Andy Wirth has been strongly against the merger. In fact, he has led an effort to donate hundreds of thousands of dollars to the cause of preventing the incorporation from occurring.

Luckily, the opponents of the incorporation efforts stopped it from happening. Any Wirth’s efforts have been a major factor in this. All of this means that the Olympic Valley ski resorts will continue to be individually managed. It will also mean that there will not be the negative effects on businesses in the area. Hopefully, these factors will help keep large numbers of tourists coming to the Olympic Valley region every ski season.

Andy Wirth played a key role in stopping the incorporation from happening. He also has done a lot to build his company, Squaw Valley ski area. He has been a successful CEO of the resort for quite some time. Additionally, Andy Wirth is an avid outdoor sports enthusiast himself. He also donates to environmental organizations in the Lake Tahoe area. His donations serve to make the Lake Tahoe community a better place. Additionally, he also assists the Navy Seals.