Jason Hope and the Many IoT-based Gadgets in 2017

The Internet of Things has been around for a quite a few years now, and it has changed some aspects of life and the way people do things dramatically. Almost every company that works in the tech business has capitalized on the concept, and there is a nearly constant wave of gadgets that function based on the Internet of Things.

2017, there will also be many new releases. Some of them are smart, athletic shoes. The pair will be a more accurate tracker of you activity than an app or a wrist gadget. The company that will be coming up with the shoes is Under Armour, and the pair will be called SpeedForm Gemini 2. It will include GPS data from your workouts. Another tech will be the smart ice cubes. Pop them in your glass, and they will track the alcohol you’re ingesting. By color, it will let you know how safe it is for you to drive and it will automatically call you a cab or a friend to get you home.

There are a number of things that are coming out -smart ear buds, smart appliances and apps to control each one of them. One of the new inventions, strongly geared towards convenience is a button that allows you to order any grocery or household item with the click of a single physical button you can have in your pocket.

One of the proponents of the Internet of Things is the tech and gadget commentator Jason Hope. He has written many articles regarding the topic and regularly follows what tech companies come up with based on the IoT. Jason Hope is a writer for a popular tech website. Jason Hope is also very interested in politics. He is from Tempe, Arizona and that makes him especially interested in the way politics affect the business in his home state.

When an Online Reputation Follows You

You can be one of the most successful entrepreneurs around, but you can’t please everybody. Sooner or later someone is going to make it their mission to get you a bad reputation. Here are some ways you can deter these people from ruining a good standing you have with existing customers.

It seems counter-intuitive, but you shouldn’t respond to their attacks at first. If you see a ridiculous claim or negative review about you or your business, make sure you respond professionally. See if there is any way you can calm the situation. You will only exacerbate the anger if you are defensive. If you catch the problem early, sites like searchcleanup.com can get rid critics completely. You can always reassure customers with a memo or public statement addressing concerns. Give them a reason to stay with you because of your many good services to them, not because of a few bad reviews from others. If you provide an excellent service, some of your loyal customers might come to your defense. Remember, the value you provide is essential for a successful business. If you increase that value to counter the attack, your customers won’t jump ship because of someone with a vendetta against you. If you do need support, reach out to others that you can trust. Some entrepreneurs who have more experience might give you their experience to comfort you. Experienced entrepreneurs like to use searchcleanup.com to help clean up negative articles about their businesses. Most importantly, don’t give up on your work. Focus on why you are an entrepreneur and what that means to you. You shouldn’t stop doing what you love because you can’t please a heckler in the crowd full of applause.