Cancer Treatment Centers of America Plus Allscripts Equals Better Patient Care

Cancer Treatment Centers of America has dedicated its practice to delivering a personalized treatment approach to cancer since 1988. The experts at the Cancer Treatment Centers include specialist in cancer treatment who lead a team of other experts who help improve the quality of life of those undergoing treatment, which include pain management physicians, dietitians, and physical therapist. The Cancer Treatment Centers coordinate patient care to better patients build strength and stamina to win the battle as well as help with their insurance claims and prescription services. They have now partnered with Allscripts Sunrise EHR (electronic health record) to make it easier to deliver personalized, effective and efficient treatment. The PRNewswire article published February 27, 2017 gives full details and the benefits the partnership.

Some highlights of this partnership called the Clinical Pathway program include:

-Treatment regimens customized to each patient’s health and specific disease.

-A comparison of treatment options that include the cost of delivery

-Recommendations in real time derived from evidence based clinical approaches that include supportive therapies to meet each patient’s need and optimize their quality of life while undergoing treatment, and

-Guidelines, response rates, adverse drug reactions and supporting clinical data.

Allscripts healthcare IT integrated medical information system allows smarter care delivery through connected information and insights across care sites, care teams and EHR systems. This connectivity allows caregivers to make better decision and deliver better care. Coordinated care, precision cancer treatment and a more efficient method to collaborate, monitor and make adjustments results in a better patient experience and outcome. Whether breast, lung, skin, throat, or any other type of cancer, the Cancer Treatment Center of America can deliver a comprehensive care plan to help its patients overcome. If you or someone you know are weighing the options available, visit the website to learn more and take advantage of over 30 years of expertise.

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