Wengie Youtube Recap

In “Night Routine Hacks & DIYS You Should Try,” the bubbly and creative Wengie gives us a peek at her nighttime routine. Her carefully crafted experience is sure to help you with back-to-school stresses, and your morning should be more relaxed if you follow along with Wengie’s evening routine.

Most of Wengie’s evenings appear calm. She arrives home and changes into comfortable clothing. Next, she incorporates aromatherapy into her work for her YouTube channel. Wengie explains that eventually a person’s brain will associate a scent with a particular action and will improve focus as well.

Wengie can’t work on her YouTube channel all night long, no matter how much we love her videos. When it’s time to relax, she makes a healthy snack of carrots, celery, dip, and baked pita wedges. In yet another creative move, she uses a muffin tin to compartmentalize the snacks and ensure that her portions are not too large. Once the snack is ready, it’s time for NetFlix! Wengie suggests watching something mentally stimulating, such as a documentary.

Wengie knows that it is important to go to sleep with fresh, clean skin. Her next step is to wash her face using an antibacterial cleansing brush. For a treat, she may apply a DIY mask with a honey base. During the 30 minutes that the mask stays on her face, she takes time to reflect on her day through a gratitude journal. Wengie reminds us that taking time to reflect can lead to a happier life overall.

Once the mask is washed off, Wengie applies toner and uses a complexion-brightening serum. As a last step, she completes a facial massage to decrease puffiness and bloating. Concerning bedtime, Wengie warns that the blue light emitted by electronic devices can hamper your ability to fall asleep. Candles or warm lighting are best, and reading a physical book at night is better than reading on a phone. Before turning in, Wengie uses lavender or jasmine oil for relaxation and puts on her awesome eye-massage mask.

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